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The good news is that you can find casters for office chairs, desks and even workstations to keep things rolling easily.


Your employees would love to use chairs and desks that are mobile for the right reasons. If you select the right caster, your office chairs can roll and move around easily and more importantly, quietly without the need of ugly plastic mats.


It is also seen that choosing the right office casters can improve workplace ergonomics. This means you can select the right casters and indirectly keep your staff healthy and happy.


How Can Technically Advance Office Chair Caster Wheels Positively Affect Your Workplace?


Modern office furniture caster wheels can roll and swivel even on carpeted floors. The innovative bearing and wheel design makes it easy for chairs, desks and other office equipment to move over carpeted areas or on floors with rugs with ease.


This easy movement makes work more comfortable for employees who have to sit in chairs for extended periods. What’s more interesting to note here is that ease of movement translates into increased productivity and efficiency. Not to forget, you can reduce workplace overexertion.


Yes, Office Casters Can Be Quiet!


Perhaps the last things you would want in your office are noisy wheels and unwanted squeaky sounds of rolling office chairs and equipment. You can now find ‘practically’ silent office chair casters that can maintain the mobility of your office furniture and equipment without adding to the noise. Remember, ‘silent’ office casters can help your employees stay focused on the task and help them become more productive.


No Need for Ugly Carpets


With innovative materials used in office chair casters, there will no longer be need for unattractive plastic mats or carpets in the office. “Non marking” casters do not mark or strain the tiles and at the same time, extend the life of your carpet or rug.


Because office casters can now be easily replaced, investing in high quality office casters make more financial sense than ever. After all, you no longer have to add the inconvenience of buying new office chairs to your budget.


How to Replace Your Office Chair Casters


Well, buying new chairs just because your office chair wheel breaks is history now. Chair casters can be easily replaced and replacement casters are affordable as well.


Before you proceed with the replacement, make sure:


  • The replacement caster wheels you choose match the stem and wheel of your existing caster.
  • Caster wheel you choose for replacement should show best performance on your office floor.


Remember that chair casters are differentiated by their diameter. Larger wheels can make your chair sit higher. On the other hand, caster with smaller wheels can lower your chair.


Hard wheel casters are designed for use on carpeted floors. Soft wheel casters can be used on hard floors (wooden and tile surfaces).


Where Can You Find Quality Caster Wheel Replacement?


About this question, I can recommend a manufacturer to you – that’s ENJOYING GO Co., Ltd.


ENJOY is a professional caster wheel manufacturer in Taiwan. They offer kinds of caster wheels for office chairs and home furniture. If you need more information about caster wheels, try to visit ENJOY and get more selections of PU caster series.



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When selecting a supplier for stamped metal components with tight tolerances and critical features, there are some important factors that you should consider. Although important, unit cost should not be the sole deciding factor as explained below. Making a purchasing decision only based on quoted cost may result in overall dissatisfaction with a supplier’s performance, or even in a disastrous situation. The following ten factors should be taken into account when selecting a precision metal stamping supplier:


  1. Years of Experience
  2. Ability to Design Precision Stamping Dies
  3. Ability to Build and Troubleshoot Precision Stamping Dies
  4. Process Control
  5. A Die Maintenance Program
  6. Delivery Time Frame
  7. Running Speed
  8. Spare Tooling
  9. “Attention to Detail”
  10. The Ability to Perform Secondary Operations


First and foremost, it is essential to select a precision metal stamping supplier who has significant experience. Make sure that you take the time to understand how long a supplier has been in business, and to become familiar with the types of components that they have stamped in the past. It is important to know if a supplier’s expertise is in flat parts, formed parts, or both. Take the time to learn about the supplier’s experience in working with difficult, intricate parts, their ability to hold tight tolerances, and their ability to achieve complex bends (on formed parts).


The second and third factors to consider are whether the supplier has experience in designing, and building precision metal stampings. A supplier who can design and build precision metal stamping dies will inevitably be much more qualified to succeed in stamping your components than a supplier without these capabilities. A supplier who designs precision metal stamping dies understands the importance of having certain features and stations in a die which will result in the highest efficiency and quality during the stamping operation. A supplier who is adept at building and developing precision metal stamping dies has the added benefit of being able to troubleshoot any unplanned stamping issues.


The fourth factor to consider when selecting a precision metal stamping supplier is the supplier’s capability in the area of process control. If a supplier is ISO-certified, this provides a certain layer of insurance that control processes are in place. Understanding how a precision metal stamping supplier creates and works with control plans is important. Visiting the supplier and seeing their Quality system in operation is probably the best way to evaluate a supplier’s attention to process control. Determining the role of the Quality technician at a supplier will speak volumes to assuring that a job will end up successful. Evaluating a supplier’s investment in inspection equipment is an additional indicator of potential success.


Next, it is beneficial to determine if a precision metal stamping supplier offers a die maintenance program. This will result in maximizing the life of the die and will optimize your total life cycle cost for your stamped component. A good die maintenance program will address die and die component inspection, synchronization and adjustment of die/press/peripheral equipment, proper assembly/disassembly techniques, die component replacement schedules, etc.


Sixth, a precision metal stamping supplier’s delivery track record will reveal whether or not a supplier has the proper systems in place to not only quote a good delivery time frame, but actually to deliver on-time. If a precision metal stamping supplier is not officially tracking their on-time delivery performance, then it is better to select another supplier.


The precision metal stamping supplier’s ability to achieve certain running speeds is the seventh factor that should be considered. An experienced supplier will be able to run at faster speeds (while maintaining quality), and consequently provide the most optimized pricing.


The eighth factor to consider is spare tooling. Often overlooked, a discussion of a spare tooling list is critical to a precision metal stamping job. A good supplier will suggest discussing spare tooling up front in order to maximize the likelihood of success for a stamping campaign. Make sure that this cost is taken into account when judging one quote against another. Require all bidders to address spare tooling. If a precision metal stamping supplier has the added capability of being able to manufacture its own spare tooling, this is an obvious benefit.


Next, it is important to determine if a precision metal stamping supplier is one that will pay close attention to the “fine details” of a job. In addition to looking at the quality of a supplier’s previous sample parts, try to determine if a supplier is concerned about fine details by noticing their behavior early in the quoting process. A supplier who asks a lot of questions pertaining to part quality, key features, and tolerances is typically one who will likely over-deliver in the area of “attention to detail”.


Lastly, a precision metal stamping supplier who has the added capability of performing secondary operations is invaluable in area of overall supply chain logistics. A supplier that can perform any of the following additional operations will typically result in significant savings for your company: cleaning, electroplating, packaging, product assembly, custom automation (in conjunction with the stamping operation), and machine vision inspection.


Coolmosa is a 20-year-experience stamping parts company, offering metal stamping parts, metal parts custom stamping, precision stamping parts for cooler field. Have ISO 9002 approval, they provide the most comprehensive stamping parts solutions in the industry. For more metal stamping parts information, please feel free to send inquiry to Coolmosa Technology Co., Ltd.


With a long reputation as a chief manufacturer of stamping parts, Coolmosa will be your right choice on your business needs.



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No single article could explain the entire world of process piping and fittings. It is a huge matrix of pipe schedules, ID dimensions, OD dimensions and materials of construction, not to mention the various flange and threaded end options. This post will try to come to grips with the world of sanitary process piping. Sanitary process piping and fittings (also known as hygienic piping or high purity piping) is used almost exclusively in the food, beverage, biopharmaceutical and personal care industries.


Sanitary fittings and tubing (categorized also as hygienic fittings and tubing) were developed and are used because they are cleanable; either by dismantling a system and manually cleaning it or using a CIP (clean in place) process. They limit entrapment areas where bacteria could form or harbor. They are also corrosion resistant.


Listed below are the common characteristics of sanitary piping.


  • All sanitary piping is measured in tube OD. If you are holding a sanitary fitting in your hand, measure the outside diameter of the tube section of the fitting. That is the correct size, not what the face of the end fittings measures.
  • You can buy fittings and tubing in sizes ranging from ½ through 12”. ½”-4” are the most commonly available sizes.
  • The wall thickness of sizes ½”-3” is 0.065” (16Ga)
  • The wall thickness of 4” is 0.083” (14Ga)
  • The wall thickness of 6” is 0.109” (12Ga)
  • The wall thickness of sizes 10” and 12” is 0.120”
  • Most sanitary fittings are either 304 or 316L stainless steel. More noble alloys such as AL6XN, Titanium and Hastelloy are available in limited quantities and sizes.
  • The quality of the surface finish is categorized by its Ra. Ra is determined by taking the average distance between the peaks and valleys on the metal surface.  It is normally measured in micro inches. The minimum Ra measurement needed to render a fitting as “sanitary” is 32.  Many industries such as the biopharmaceutical industry require tubing to be the 15-20Ra range.
  • Sanitary fittings do not have any pockets, threads, or tight radii. The radii of sanitary elbows have been standardized. The radius of a sanitary elbow is 1 ½ time the OD of the tube. Thus a 1” elbow has a 1 ½” radius, a 2” elbow has a 3” radius, etc.
  • The most prevalent sanitary fitting end connection offerings are buttweld and sanitary clamp. A sanitary clamp joint consists of two, gender neutral fittings with a sanitary gasket in between, all head together by a clamp. There is a host of other lesser known sanitary connection systems including, bevel seat, John Perry, I Line and Q Line. You can see pictures and or drawings of the various sanitary fittings types on our website.


Get more information about sanitary valves and sanitary fittings, please visit the website of Wellgrow.


Wellgrow Industries Corp. is the professional manufacturer of butt weld pipe fittings, sanitary fittings and clamp, ball valve, check valve, compression tube fittings, steel fittings, stainless fittings, vacuum components, handrail and railing fittings for various industries. Further details, please feel free to send inquiry to Wellgrow.



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1) Types of Pipe Cutters

There are various types of pipe cutters available in the market, and your choice entirely depends upon your objective.


Single handed pipe cutters are best when working in little spaces or for single DIY tasks, as each cutter just fits one pipe size and they are usually less expensive than the bigger adjustable cutters.


The second type available is the ratcheting tubing cutter which is helpful if working in narrow regions as the handle gives the apparatus additional length. It’s likewise valuable in regions where the pipe cutter may tend to tumble off the pipe.


Another category is the adjustable pipe cutters. These are flexible to adjust according to the requirements and perfect for frequent users who have to deal with different sized pipes regularly. Being produced using cast aluminum implies that it will have a more extended life than a plastic covered cutter and is consequently best for long term use.


The fourth type is called the heavy duty adjustable pipe cutter. This is the best type to cut iron pipes as it has additional cutting wheels and pressure adjustments. This is required as iron is a solid material. You ought not to utilize a similar apparatus for cutting both steel and iron pipes as the blade will become dull if used to cut both materials.


The last major type available is the Power pipe cutter which is immensely helpful when utilizing for a longer time span as the cutter requires little exertion from the client and is driven by batteries. Summing it up, the first thing you need to identify is your need for the pipe cutter. Therefore, your needs will determine the type of cutter you want, and you must search for h=the relevant type to waste minimum time and reach the best alternatives.


2) What Materials Can the Pipe Cutter Cut?

What is important to consider next is the material the pipes you deal with are made up of. There is a vast variety of pipe cutters in the market, each having variable specifications and strengths; so what you mainly need to see is that is this particular pipe cutter appropriate to deal with my pipes?


Henceforth, the ones not fulfilling your basic requirement are eliminated automatically, filtering your options!


Most of the pipe cutters have the ability to cut steel, aluminum, brass, copper and plastic pipes, so they serve as multi-purpose pipe cutters.


Such pipe cutters have exceptionally sharp blades to cut through materials as hard as iron and steel, while the ones specifically manufactured for PVC pipes tend to have a lesser sharp blade as the material is lighter. However, if there is an exception and you need to cut glass or concrete pipes usually used in the infrastructure, you will probably need a specialized pipe cutter which has the appropriate features to help you out.


3) Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity of the Pipe Cutter

Dimensions and weight is an important specification you need to be careful about. As there are millions of pipe cutters roaming around across the markets, you need to identify exactly what you need!


Only then can it prove to satisfy you. So after answering the first two points, you need to be watchful about the dimensions, design, and weight of the pipe cutters under consideration.


Ergonomically designed pipe cutters are the best as they are manufactured keeping in mind user convenience. In a similar manner, you must reach a conclusion about your preferences regarding the weight.


Handy pipe cutters for individual use usually weigh about 6 to 8 ounces hence they are easy to carry and use. However, some professionals who had been dealing with hand tools prefer to have heavier ones having the view that they have a nicer grip and are firm therefore the weight must match with your preference and requirement.


Lastly, an important feature to be considered is the minimum and the maximum diameter of the pipes that could fit in the pipe cutter. If you have to use it for thicker pipes, then you must look for a pipe cutter having a greater capacity however if you usually need to cut narrow pipes then a pipe cutter having the capacity to cut a pipe with a diameter up to 50mm would work.


4) How is Your Pipe Cutter Powered?

When you intend to purchase a power pipe cutter, you must closely evaluate how it is powered? And choose the pipe cutter which best suits you.


There is a wide range of pipe cutters driven through distinct ways! There are electrical tools, hydraulic tools, pneumatic tools and manual tools. Electrically driven pipe cutters are run by motors or batteries and are usually required for large pipes used in construction.


Hydraulic tools are used in similar areas and are powered by the pressure of fluids like oil while pneumatic tools are driven by the pressure of the gas and usually require compressed air for functioning. The last type is manual tools.


Pipe cutters are usually manually powered as they use springs, screws and knobs hence they are inexpensive, handy and suitable for personal use.


5) Cutting Speed of the Pipe Cutter

With the rapid increase in technology and evolving marketing techniques, it has become essential to assess the products before selling. Hence all pipe cutters have been tested before their launch for their efficiency, so are the pipe cutters.


The quicker the pipe cutter slices the pipe, more preferred it is. The cutting speed is also a reflection of the quality and strength of the blades it has hence it is of extreme importance to check the cutting speed.


The faster it cuts, the better quality blade it has so it proves to be more helpful for the users when the pipe cutter can increase their efficiency, simplify their tasks and most of all provide clean cuts! However cutting speed is mainly monitored for power pipe cutters, not the manual ones.


6) Additional Features

In addition to these major specifications, what you need to look at are these features. Firstly check does it have an integral reamer? This is beneficial because every user wishes to invest in a pipe cutter which would slice off the pipes neatly. Therefore, a reamer fulfills this function by cleaning the burr after the pipe has been cut, leaving behind no metal fillings to be bothered about.


Secondly, it is quite natural that the user would be interested in knowing its outlook before adding it to his tool box, so you need to investigate the details of the body.


Pipe cutters having a textured exterior are preferred more as they provide a firm grip so it is easy to use and they should be made up of a strong aluminum cast to withstand damages and last long. It should also have an ergonomic design and be in a graceful color which you like would automatically add more appeal to it.


Lastly, availability of Replacement cutting wheels is an additional attraction, as consumers prefer to buy pipe cutters whose replacement cutting wheels are easily available!


Cutting wheels tend to wear off with time hence there is a definite need of changing them, what if you end up knowing no alternate cutting blades are available for the model you have purchased?


Hence you must keep in mind that the pipe cutter you buy should have its replacement cutting wheels in the market for your future convenience.


Get more information about pipe cutter and tube cutter, try to visit the website of Maxclaw: – Maxclaw is the expert of manufacturing ratcheting tubing cutters, tube bending tools, double flaring tools, hook spanner wrenches, and much more. Feel free to send inquiry to Maxclaw.



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In the current economic market, spending money on promotional items may seem like an unnecessary thing to do but the truth is that giving out promotional products can help your business grow. Giving out promotional products like personalized promotion key chains is a creative, effective marketing campaign and advertising method which will give your company more exposure to public at large and your target customer group. This type of advertising a company’s product through promotional products and items is fast gaining popularity, as it has many advantages over traditional methods of advertising a company’s products through the print media or electronic media.


Giving out promotional products bearing the company’s name or logo, such as custom made key chains is a great advertising method. It is always nice to get a free gift and people or your clients will be using it every day, it is tangible – they can touch and feel it, and unlike an advertisement on TV which they will just see for a few seconds and forget about it, the potential clients and his colleagues and friends will see the company’s name or logo frequently enough, so as to not forget the name or logo of the company.


Some of the other factors that make promotional advertisements such a good idea would be the ability to attract traffic. Whenever a company sets up a corporate event or trade show, the stalls which offer free promotional items like custom key chains have the highest traffic. If the promotional products being handed out are unique, useful for daily life or fun to use, the better it is as it will give the company’s name or logo more exposure. Another advantage for handing out personalized promotional products is that it attracts or increases incoming referrals. One of the main reasons for that is when people enjoy using a promotional product, they tell their friends, families and colleagues about the product and the company’s name. In this way, many other people will be acquainted with the company’s name and it will serve as reminders when they go shopping or need the services of that company. Promotional items like custom key chains, log T-shirts and promotional caps have become very popular.


Another advantage of giving out personalized promotional gifts like custom key chains, pens, T-shirts, travel mugs, caps, stress balls etc. beating the company’s name or log is that it increases employee morale and helps employees to bond and create team spirit. Small things like this can help employees of a company to identify themselves with the company and make them feel that they are an important part of the company and increases loyalty to the company.


Among various promotional products that a company can give away, custom key chains have a lot of benefits. Unlike business cars or advertisements on TV, promotional key chains are used by the potential customer every day and each time they use the key chain, which is probably many times a day, they will always be reminded of your company. There is also a concept called gift theory, that when you give a promotional product for free to a potential client, next time the requires your products or services, on the back of his mind, he feels some sense that he is obliged to hire the services of your company again. Another advantage of using personalized promotion key chains, even though there are so many other promotional gift ideas, is that they are cost effective and can be made in a variety of styles and designs. Since they are not expensive, especially when they are ordered in bulk, they can just be given to any person that has come in to contact with your company or its employees.


To summarize, handing out promotional gifts is a great way to advertise about the products and services that your company provides. Custom key chains are ideal promotional gifts as they are used daily by potential clients, are cost effective and can be made into a variety of styles and designs.


To custom your own key chains, I recommend that you can visit the website of Tech Arts International Co., Ltd.. This company is a professional manufacturer of varied custom lapel pin products. Its custom lapel pin and key chain have reasonable price and best quality, welcome to contact with Tech Arts for more custom lapel pins and key chains information.



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Super Flux LEDs, also known as High Flux LEDs are rectangular packages of LEDs with 4 pins. Generally Super Flux has three types of size, 3mm, 5mm and flat top with four colors, red, green, blue, white, warm white available. It is more and more used in the various lighting applications particularly in automotive industry in tail, stop and turn lights. Below are four popular factors of Super Flux LEDs.


Ability to Provide Maximum Flux on PCB


Super Flux is able to emit the maximum lightness with the less power cost than other transitional LEDs. When LED lighting products are based on PCB. This feature enables LED manufacturer use less number of LEDs to attain the brightness required and lower whole product cost. It is the definitely choice of LEDs when designing on PCB.


Good Resistance Against Moving


The design of 4 pins enables Super Flux fix solidly, even in the rigorous situation such as vibration or collision, it will not be damaged or separated from the PCB. While the two pins LEDs apparently are easier to crack when suffers from such vibration or collision. This is why Super Flux is widely used in the automotive tail lamps which frequently subject to heavy shocking, nit has the best stability among all the environment.


Lowest Thermal Resistance


Thanks to large lead frame design, Super Flux has the lowest thermal resistance comparing with other through-hole LEDs. When working at the same power, the temperature rise at the LED junction is only half of that at other traditional LEDs. That being said, Super Flux is able to be working under a relatively wide range of temperature at high input power. With this advantage, it is very suitable to be used in high performance applications where low thermal resistance is a must.


Broad Selection of Viewing Angles to Suit Various Applications


Super Flux LEDs offer wide choice of viewing angles categories which includes 40 degree, 70 degree, 90 degree, 120 degree, etc. The wide viewing angle is very important especially to the automobile tail tights; as a result it is the best choice. These selections also give Lights engineers more options to work out a lighting solution.


Professional LED Manufacturer


Daina Electronics Co., Ltd., Taiwan expert of manufacturing cylindrical LED, oval LED, super flux LED, super bright LED, smd LED, tape LED, etc. Learn more information about LED lightings, please do not hesitate to send inquiry to Daina Electronics.



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How Do You Choose an O Ring?

On January 19, 2018, in Industrial Supply, Manufacturer, Oil Seals, by Jasmie K.

When installing a pressure sensor, especially on units with parallel threads, such as BSP, UNF etc, it is necessary to use an O ring on the external face of the hexagon mounting face to ensure complete sealing.


It is important to choose the right sealing gasket to give long-life performance. Several factors must be taken into consideration when you choose an O ring, including compatibility with the fluid under test, the temperature range of the application, mounting torque, size, pressure ranges etc.


There are many types of seals on the market, from gaskets in copper, lead, Viton, nitrile, Teflon etc. The following are some of the more commonly used seals.


Viton O Rings

Viton O rings are oil resistant and are capable of operating in temperatures between -15 and +200°C.


Teflon O Rings

Teflon O rings have similar properties to Viton, but are used for pressure ranges above 500bar (7000psi).


Dowty Bonded O Rings

Dowty bonded O rings are versatile but relatively expensive. They comprise a metal annulus to which a medium nitrile elastomeric ring of trapezoidal section is bonded. Dowty bonded O rings are commonly used with hydraulic fluids or mineral-based engine lubricating oils. Temperature range is -30 to +110°C, and maximum pressure is 1500bar.


Nitrile O Rings

Versatile and economical, nitrile O rings are suitable for temperatures from -40 to +110°C, and are resistant to mineral hydraulic oils, greases and certain chemicals. Nitrile O rings are available in imperial and metric sizes.


In addition there are now many different adapter ranges available that have built-in seals. Alternatively there is the option of choosing a thread that self-seals or has a cone sealing arrangement, such as Swagelock, -3 fitting etc.


Need more information about O rings? Do not hesitate to visit the professional manufacturer of vehicle and mechanical oil seals – Lian Yu Oil Seal Enterprise Co., Ltd.


You can find high quality oil seals, rubber parts, bonded seals, swivel kits, o rings, and much more products at Lian Yu. Feel free to send inquiry or contact them directly to get further details.



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A gearbox is a way to increase or decrease torque, motor speed, and direction. What are the differences between gearbox types? Well, determining which kind of gear motor is most suitable for you will depend on the application you are doing. Every kind of gearbox has its own advantages and disadvantages. For further details, keep reading below for descriptions of the most common gear motors and their pros and cons.


Planetary Gears:


This gear design mimics the planetary rotation, hence the name. Planetary gear motors consist of 1-6 outer spur gears that rotate around a central gear, which is also referred to as the sun gear, and the outer gear, also known as the planet carrier.


This type of gear is compact, highly efficient, emits little noise, and provides excellent torque transmission.



  • Huge Torque Capability
  • Good Load Distribution
  • Handles Extremely Large Reductions
  • Small Size
  • High Efficiency
  • Ease Of Maintenance
  • Generally More Complex
  • High Stress On The Output Shaft Bearings
  • Thermal Limitations On Smaller Sizes



Worm Gears:


Worm gears are used in applications where large gear reductions, torque, and braking are necessary. Some of the more favorable features of worm drives are that they achieve high ratios in a single reduction, ability to handle shock loads and low noise.


One advantage that makes worm drives desirable over other gearboxes is that they have relatively few moving parts in high reduction ratios, simply two shafts – input and output – supported by four bearings.




  • Ease Of Maintenance
  • Low Noise Properties
  • Handles Large Reductions
  • Large Shock Load Capability
  • High Thermal Capacity
  • Moderate Efficiency
  • Large Package In Design
  • Relatively Expensive To Manufacture


Spur Gears:


Spur gears are the most common type of gear. These are used in the simplest of gearbox designs, making them the cheapest and most common to manufacture. Spur gears are straight cut gears that have teeth that is meshed with other spur gears to form the gearbox. This design allows the gears to decrease speed and increase torque.


While spur gears are inexpensive and common, they aren’t always the best solution, especially in cases where high torque or speed is needed. Several spur gears are needed to make large reductions. They can be very loud while in operation, and if too much stress or force is put on the gears they can easily break.




  • Inexpensive To Manufacture
  • Easy To Operate
  • Efficient And Reliable At Low Speeds
  • Require Several Gears For Large Reductions
  • Loud At High Rotational Speeds
  • Not Able To Handle Large Amounts Of Torque


Helical Gears:


Helical gears are similar to spur gears in that they are inexpensive to manufacture but have a few differences that give them an advantage. The teeth in helical gears are cut at a ‘helix’ angle to the leading edge of the gear so the gears to mesh together over the length of the helical cut. This allows for a smoother transfer of torque. Helical gears also make less noise than spur gears do.




  • Inexpensive To Manufacture
  • Easy To Operate
  • Good Torque Capacity
  • Less Noise While Operating
  • Requires Several Gears For Large Reductions
  • Higher Maintenance Costs


If you have any interest in gear motors, I recommend that you can visit the website of Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corp.


The company provides kinds of planetary gear motors, DC gear motors, and much more products. For more details, please visit Hsiang Neng:



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Types of Paper Towel Dispensers

On January 17, 2018, in Furniture, Health, Manufacturer, by Jasmie K.

A paper towel dispenser is an essential element in any sanitary restaurant kitchen or office restroom. The mounting style and type of dispenser will affect how paper towels are stored, as well as how they are dispensed. Choosing the right paper towel dispenser for your business may seem difficult, but this guide will explain the different designs and types of dispensers so you can make the best choice!


Mounting Styles

If there isn’t much room in your bathroom or kitchen, then a surface-mounted or recessed paper towel dispenser would be the best fit. By mounting it to the wall, you save precious counter space and provide convenient access to paper towels right by the sink. The sleek design of recessed models is perfect for tight bathrooms and kitchens where it is best to avoid bulky or cumbersome paper towel dispensers. Both surface-mounted and recessed dispensers are ideal for dispenser / trash can combinations.


Countertop paper towel dispensers work well for more spacious bathrooms. With the freedom to pick up countertop dispensers and move them around your hotel or office bathroom, your options are virtually limitless.


Dispenser Types

When choosing the right type of dispenser, it is best to think about what type of paper towel you will be dispensing in your commercial kitchen or bathroom. Each dispenser has its benefits and certain paper towels are better suited to fit each dispenser. Paper towel options include standard rolls, center pull rolls, perforated rolls, and folded paper towels.


Standard Rolls

Large, standard rolls are perfect for high traffic areas. See the chart below for the dispensers most compatible with this type of roll.


Lever / CrankSB-8522 Paper Towel Dispenser This style is a convenient way to dispense a variety of paper towel lengths; however, these dispensers are not as sanitary as hands free dispensers due to the physical contact between each user and the lever or crank.
  • Allows you to dispense the desired length of paper towel
  • Ideal for light-traffic environments

Hands Free

SB-9523 Auto Paper Towel Dispenser

This dispenser allows customers to pull or tear a desired length without touching the exterior of the dispenser. Motion sensors eliminate the need to pull on a lever or crank, ensuring that each paper towel is only touched by one user and germs are not transferred from user to dispenser.
  • Most hygienic solution
  • Dispenses a set length of paper towel to limit waste



Center Pull Rolls

Center pull paper towels are a cost-effective and sanitary option. The large roll accommodates high-traffic environments, while the pull-down dispensing method ensures that each paper towel remains clean and unused until it is dispensed by each customer or employee. By removing the center roll, you can then pull each paper towel down from the inside out, further contributing to the sanitary qualities of this paper towel roll.


Center PullCenter Pull Paper Towel Dispenser Customers and employees can pull a single paper towel straight down from the center of the unit. Featuring a large capacity barrel, this dispenser is ideal for high traffic environments.
  • Dispenses single sheets to minimize waste
  • Each user only touches 1 towel
  • Great for high-traffic kitchens or bathrooms


Perforated Rolls

With perforated sections, customers and employees can easily tear the desired amount to clean up spills. These rolls are ideal for soaking up messes around your school, office, break room, or kitchen. Soft-to-the-touch, perforated rolls feature a combination of strength, absorbency, and comfort.


CountertopCountertop Paper Towel Holder Made of rustic-looking wrought iron, this paper towel holder is a sturdy yet stylish option for your restaurant or bar.
  • Perfect for individual tables at busy bars and restaurants that serve crab legs, barbeque, and wings
  • Great for countertop applications
Surface-MountedSurface Mounted Paper Towel Holder Easy to mount, this paper towel holder is perfect for dispensing standard, perforated paper towel rolls at the back of the house for commercial kitchens or next to sinks in healthcare facilities.
  • Mounts to walls for convenient placement near sinks



Folded Paper Towels

Folded paper towels can be used for both countertop and surface-mounted dispensers. Folded paper towels include C-Fold and M-Fold styles. Centerfold paper towels are made to lie on top of each other, while multifold paper towels are made to interlock with each other. The interlocking nature of M-Fold paper towels allows you to fit more paper towels in each dispenser, whereas C-Fold paper towels are easier for guests to separate. Great for dispenser / trash can combinations or countertop baskets and holders, the chart below includes additional information on the benefits of each folded paper towel dispenser.


C-Fold / M-FoldC-Fold / M-Fold Paper Dispenser Conveniently dispenses paper towels one at a time to cut down on waste.
  • Paper towels remain enclosed and sanitary inside the dispenser
  • Easy to separate paper towels
Holders / BasketsPaper Towel Holder / Baskets Guests can easily reach in to access the top paper towel from the holder or basket. Holder/baskets allow for convenient placement near bathroom sinks and they can be easily moved to wipe down counters.
  • Great for countertops
  • Easy mobility
  • Ideal for light-traffic environments
Dispenser / Trash Can CombinationsDispenser / Trash Can Combination This style dispenses paper towels and collects waste. Guests can easily grab one paper towel at a time and quickly dispose of it in the trash can space below. With the ability to dispense and dispose of paper towels in one convenient location, you’ll save space and promote a sanitary environment
  • Great for restrooms
  • Saves space
  • Promotes the highest level of sanitation


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Kingsway, as a professional sanitary products manufacturer, it provides high quality sensor taps, foam soap dispensers, toilet flush valves etc. for you to choose. Also, it manufactures series of washroom accessory, which including paper towel dispensers, roll paper tissue dispensers, and standard soap dispenser. For more details, please feel free to check Kingsway website:



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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to Technavio’s report, the global metal forming machine tools market is expected to exceed USD 16 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of almost 4% during the forecast period.


The global manufacturing industry relies on metal forming machine tools for its core activities. Global economic activities and consumer spending influence the growth of industrial production, thus determining the growth of the metal forming machines market.


According to Anju Ajaykumar, lead research analyst at Technavio for tools and components, “APAC countries, especially China, India, and Japan, are witnessing considerable economic growth and booming manufacturing industries. The rise in manufacturing and construction activities in these countries will act as a driving force for the market.”


In this report, Technavio covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the Global Metal Forming Machine Tools Market for 2016-2020. The market is segmented into the following three regions:


  • APAC
  • EMEA
  • Americas


APAC: Largest Market for Metal Forming Machine Tools


The metal forming machine tools market in APAC is expected to exceed USD 10 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of almost 5%.


Technavio expects growth in the automotive and industrial sectors in APAC to boost the need for metal forming machine tools. Japan, China, India, Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan are the key revenue contributors to the metal forming machine tools market in this region.


China leads the metal forming machine tools market in APAC owing to steady economic development that has spurred manufacturing activities in the country over the last decade. This has created a need for the production of equipment and tools required for manufacturing activities.


In addition, high export activities of a wide range of manufacturing equipment and tools will lead to a surge in the demand for machine tools in the country.


EMEA: Development of High-Quality Machine Tools to Boost Growth


The metal forming machine tools market in EMEA is likely reach USD 4 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of over 3%.


Europe holds a sizable share in the global metal forming machine tools market in EMEA. Italy, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, and the UK are significant revenue contributors to the metal forming machine tools market in this region, together comprising for more than 20% of the global market. Germany held the largest market share in 2015.


The demand for metal forming machine tools in the Middle East is expected to be driven by the rise in manufacturing and production activities, innovation, and continued research leading to development of high-quality machine tools. “The growth of the construction industry in the Middle East will also significantly contribute to the growth of the market,” says Anju.


Americas: Rise in Manufacturing and Construction Activities Boosts Growth


The metal forming machine tools market in the Americas is expected to exceed USD 2 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of over 1%.


The US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina are the key revenue contributors to the metal forming machine tools market in the Americas.


The US is the largest manufacturer of consumer goods in the world; nearly 19% of the global output is produced by the country. The aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, telecommunication, and machinery industries find high growth in the country, thus triggering the need for machine tools.


A rise in manufacturing and construction activities coupled with an increase in the number of motor vehicles will drive the demand for machine tools in the US. The growth in these industries will lead to an increase in demand for metal forming machine tools which help in reducing the overall manufacturing costs.


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