In this article, we are going to discuss the main differences between the CNC (Computerized Numerical control Machine) and VMC (Vertical Machining Center).


What is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control and the machine it has been used in is Called CNC Machining. CNC is a type of motion control system where the basic objective is to control the machine using a Computer instead of cams or template to cut apart. It is controlled by Computer.


Computer Numerical Control formally known as CNC is a computerized framework of lathe machine but the only difference is that NC is controlled by the computer, we only have to put the required drawing of the object in the computer program in order to get the required results. This type of lath machine is also used in 3D Printing.


What is VMC?

VMC stands for vertical machining center, it is a type of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine, typically enclosed and most often used for cutting metal. VMC is very expensive and at the same time are very precise.


What Are The Difference Between CNC And VMC?

The difference between CNC and VMC is that the VMC is sometimes used as a part in the CNC Machining. It is controlled by the CNC, it finds its application because of the High Precision but one disadvantage is that it is costly to make and implement.  In addition to VMC, CNC technology can also control lasers, 3D printers, water jets, plasma cutters, saws, etc.…


Using the means of the CNC machine we use vertical machining center tool to make sure the part made is highly precise.


What Types of Programming Used in CNC Machining?

You know what “Python” is a Computer programming language and it doesn’t use in the CNC Machining while the other type of coding system is used known as G&M Codes. Computer numerical control is a type of lath machine that is run through special codes, called M codes and G codes through a computer program.


How Do CNC And VMC Machinery Work Deeply?

Here are some of the Features that can relate the CNC and VMC Machinery Work Deeply:


  • Modeling of a part or system
  • Breakdown of part of the system.
  • Generation of drawing using CAM Software.
  • Setup of machining.


The Conclusion:

The main difference between CNC and VMC is that VMC is a part of the CNC and it controls it to make parts that are highly precise.


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Article Source: Scholar Mintle