Filling your own pill capsules at home can be a great way to incorporate healthy supplements into your diet without spending a lot of money. You’ll need to get supplies, including the type and size of capsule you want and herbal fillings to put in them. Follow below methods to fill your empty capsules:


Method 1: Choosing Your Supplies


  1. Select vegetarian capsules if you have dietary restrictions. Vegetarian capsules are made from poplar trees. They’re also a good option if you have other dietary restrictions. Vegetarian capsules are kosher, halal, and gluten-free.


  1. Use gelatin capsules if you don’t have dietary restrictions. Gelatin capsules are made from beef gelatin. You won’t taste any beef flavor, though! They tend to be slightly cheaper than vegetarian capsules.


  1. Choose size 0 capsules for a standard dose. Fillable capsules come in a few different sizes, but the most common is size 0, which will hold roughly 500 mg of filler.


Tips: The density and size of the powder may affect how much filler you can fit in a capsule.


  1. Pick size 1 capsules if you want a smaller pill. Size 1 capsules are slightly smaller than the standard size 0. That makes them easier to swallow.


Tips: Size 1 capsules hold about 20% less than size 0 capsules, so keep that in mind if you’re looking at going smaller.


  1. Ask your healthcare provider to recommend herbal filler. Always speak to your healthcare provider before taking supplements. Depending on the issue you have and the herbs your healthcare provider recommends, your supplements can help boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, or help with digestion.


Method 2: Filling the Empty Capsules by Hand


  1. Place your filler in a bowl. Pour your filler into a bowl. If you’re using a mixture of fillers, pour all of them together and then mix them well. It’s okay to have too much filler for the number of capsules you’re filling. Just put the leftover filler into a resalable plastic bag and store it in a cool, dark place.


  1. Pull apart the capsules and set the tops aside. Your capsules will come assembled. To take them apart, hold the bottom of the capsule with one hand, and gently pull the top off with the other. If you’re having trouble pulling it straight off, twist the capsule top back and forth until it comes free. Put the top aside.


Tips: The tops of the capsules will be much shorter and wider than the bottoms. This lets the tops slide over the bottoms of the capsules when they’re put back together.


  1. Scoop up your herbal mix with the bottom of the capsule. Using the bottom of the capsule to scoop up your herbal mixture is the easiest way to fill the capsules and it prevents too much mess. Fill the bottom of the capsule completely.


Tips: Before you fill your capsules, make sure your hands are very clean. You can also wear protective gloves.


  1. Put the top half of the capsule over the bottom and press down. Once you’ve got the bottom of the capsule filled, gently replace the top of the capsule. Hold the bottom of the capsule gently in one hand, and then use the other to press the top of the capsule down.


  1. Store the capsules in a cool, dark place. As you finish each capsule, place it in a resalable bag or a jar with a lid. Place the bag or jar in a cool, dark place for storage.


Tips: Make enough capsules for 1 or 2 months at a time. If you make more than that, they may expire before you can take them.


Tips: If you live in a humid place, put silica gel packets in the jar with your pills. You can buy packets online or save ones packaged in shoes, medications, or other products.


Filling your empty capsules by hand is more time-consuming, but less expensive. If you have a bit more money to spend, you can purchase a capsule-filling machine to make tons of empty capsules quickly.


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Article Source: wikiHow