There are common misconceptions when it comes to knowing the difference between compatible and original toner cartridges and inks. The quality of your printing and your page yield will not be compromised when “settling” on a cartridge alternate.


Genuine OEM or original branded toner cartridges never seem to get discounted anywhere close to the prices of many compatible or generic versions. Manufacturers like Brother and Sharp usually set a minimum price to keep the profit up on toner, even if the printers themselves might seem fairly inexpensive by comparison. It is for this very reason that many people have wondered if they can expect good results from those compatible or generic cheap toner cartridges.


Name brand printer manufacturers go to great lengths to make doing business difficult for compatible cartridge suppliers. For example, they may design their toner cartridges or printers with patented parts so that a compatible would be difficult to manufacture without violating the patents or copyrights. This doesn’t stop the many manufacturers of compatible cartridges from trying. They often alter the design or manufacturing just enough to avoid violating the intellectual property rights of the original manufacturer. The cartridge is still built to be compatible and fit properly in the printer, even if it might look slightly different.


Another approach original printer manufacturer’s use is publishing warnings that generic or compatible toner cartridges could damage the printer or void its warranty. This is highly unlikely however. Any damage to the printer is usually caused by users and not generic toner cartridges themselves.


Some people have had inferior results from generic cartridges. When this happens, many conclude that all compatible cartridges are inferior. However, there are many different manufacturers of compatible toner cartridges in various countries and the quality can vary from one company to another. For example, some compatible cartridge manufacturers seek to deliver quality products and others sell by having the lowest price. When trying to cut costs, some cartridge manufacturers have been known to use inferior plastic or toner mixtures. These inferior products create a bad reputation for compatible cartridges in general since they all seem to be generic and it is difficult to tell the product of one manufacturer from another.


When a compatible or generic cartridge does not produce quality output, it may actually be defective, which happens to all brands. It is also possible that the cartridge was produced by an inferior manufacturer and it could be difficult to tell who made it since they are often made to look generic. In fact, some generics are labelled or branded by other companies as their own brand. They will typically do this with better quality product though, since they want the toner cartridge to reflect well on their brand.


Compatible Toner and Ink Cartridges

When talking about compatible cartridges, it means that they will match with or be compatible with your printer. The only difference will be that it’s been manufactured by another company – not your printer’s. Often termed as the “generic” brand of printer cartridge, it’s often given a slight for not being the correct cartridge for your printer. This could be further from the truth! Because manufacturers carry such a high quality standard and produce these cartridges under strict code and quality control, they may even exceed the page yield and quality for your prints! And obviously, they will provide more bang for your buck not being of the same brand as your printer – truly a win-win!


Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

Another area where you can save some money is with a remanufactured toner cartridge. Essentially these are cartridges that have been repurposed to be used as cartridges again; recycled cartridges if you will.


The process to produce these cartridges includes certified technicians gathering them, cleaning them out, replacing all the bad parts and refilling them with semantic toner. Once that’s done, it’s tested and resold to the public. Not only will this be savings for you and your business, but it will also help the environment! With landfills and garbage dumps filling up with empty toner and ink cartridges, it’s also a nice way to give back. Interestingly enough, remanufactured cartridges can sometimes have more toner or ink because OEM cartridges aren’t necessarily fully emptied to completion.


With compatible cartridges, it’s always emptied to full capacity, thus giving you more page yield – and more bang for your buck!


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