Tenoner machines are woodworking machines that are used to produce tenons, projecting wooden members that fit into a mortise. Typically, tenoners are used with a router and equipped with router spindles. As high-production and high-output devices, tenoner woodworking machines may use automatic tool-changers to reduce setup times. Variable-speed router spindles permit the use of small-diameter tools for precision shaping. Tenoners with tool change magazines can hold up to 25 positions per spindle for added flexibility. These tenoning jigs may feature a personal computer (PC) front-end with memory, diagnostics, and a graphical user interface (GUI). Tenoners that use specialized, proprietary, or application-specific technologies are also available.


Types of Tenoner Woodworking Machines

There are two basic types of tenoner woodworking machines: single-ended tenoners and double-ended tenoners. Both types of equipment are equipped with multiple motors and several cutterheads. Specifications for the scribing head include horsepower (hp), shaft diameter, shaft length, vertical movement, horizontal movement, and tooling diameter. Although tenoner scribing-heads are optional, they are often used in applications that require a high degree of accuracy. The main cutterheads are equipped with four shear-cut, replaceable knives and two spur cutters. Additional specifications for tenoners include timber capacity with or without fence, maximum tenon length, top-block vertical and horizontal adjustments, table size, and table working weight.


Tenoning machines are designed to produce multiple tenons in batch cycles. Outputs may include round tenons, square tenons, and clipped tenons. Typically, tenoner woodworking machines are designed for either high-volume or flexible production. Modular bases and chain tracks allow for not just tenoning, but also for chamfering, drilling, folding, sanding, sizing, and squaring. To minimize problems posed by conventional chain-track systems, tenoners may use needle bearings that are permanently lubricated and permanently sealed. These woodworking machines may also have hardened cars and joining links. Optional features for tenoners may also include automatic in-feed and out-feed systems, and integration with modules that can transfer products to or from the tenoner machine.


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