When selecting a shear, many people assume that hydraulic operation is a better option as they equate it with a press brake. However, shearing is a completely different process and mechanical actuation can actually be preferable for a shear due to the following factors.


Where Mechanical Shears Excel

  • Speed: Mechanical shears are faster in full cycle mode.
  • Shock Resistant: Heavy castings and frames absorb the snap of the shearing process better than hydraulic cylinders.
  • Simplicity: Mechanical shears have simpler mechanisms to maintain and repair making up time longer and downtime shorter.
  • Noise: Mechanical shears are quieter as they do not have the constant running of hydraulics.
  • Heat: Without hydraulics mechanical shears run much cooler
  • Green: No hydraulic oil, hydraulic heat (requiring cooling), hydraulic oil waste, or filter waste.


Where Hydraulic Shears Have an Advantage

  • Variable Stroke Length: Mechanical shears must make the full cycle when shearing whereas hydraulic shears can be set to perform quick, short strokes—which is useful when shearing material that is only a few inches in width.
  • Overload Protection: Because it’s protected by a blowout valve, a hydraulic shear can stop the blade from getting into a “locked” position with the material. Basically, when the hydraulics reach the maximum PSI for the shear, a safety valve opens up and dumps the high pressure hydraulics—stopping the downward force and thus allowing the ram to be backed off and the oversize/hard/obstruction to be removed.
  • Price: Hydraulic shears are inherently cheaper to build.


Common misconceptions in shearing assume that hydraulic shears are “safer.” While hydraulic shears can be stopped in a cycled down stroke, so can a mechanically actuated system. The difference is that hydraulic shears can be automatically reversed when stopped, whereas mechanical shears cannot. When protected by proper guarding and light curtains as necessary, a mechanical or hydraulic shear can be a great addition or compliment to your fabricating process.


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Article Source: https://www.southernfabsales.com/blog/shearing-metal-mechanical-vs-hydraulics-which-is-better