For honing equipment, deep hole honing machine more used in the machine tool industry. Honing head usually has two to ten outer whetstone, driven by the spindle rotation in the hole, and also repeated linear motion, but also supply for the hole wall, for whetstone reciprocating movement during the process, mostly beyond the hole outside the length of the stone cannot exceed the length of 1/3, otherwise easy to produce adverse effects on the workpiece.


Honing margin is generally controlled in the range of 0.2mm, we need to be aware of the peripheral speed during the honing process, and processing speed of steel is about 15 ~ 30 m / min. The requirements on the cast iron can be appropriately increased, and some can be increased to 50 m / min or more.


Below, I recommend you a series of high-quality and high-performance honing machine: Honge Precision Deep Hole Honing Machine.


Precision Deep Hole Honing Machine

HS-4000-2S / HS-4000, HS-5000, HS-6000 / VS-1000 ~ VS-2000

Honge Honing Machine

Honge’s vertical double column deep hole honing machine is easily-operation and max depth up to 6000mm. These honing machines are used for hydraulic cylinder, barrel for plastic injection machine, cylinder for vessels, special-purpose applications.


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