High density and low density polyethylene is as known as HDPE and LDPE.


HDPE and LDPE– both materials are in the Polyolefin family of plastics, along with Polypropylene (Polypro) and UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight). For great abrasion resistance, very low density and FDA / NSF compliance, Polyethylene is an excellent choice.


What Is The Difference Between HDPE and LDPE Plastic Sheets?

Although both materials are polyethylene, they do have different properties. LDPE is softer, more flexible and melts at a lower temperature than HDPE. LDPE sheets are used in sandwich bags and other types of packaging. HDPE plastic sheets are harder, have a higher chemical resistance and can withstand higher temperatures.


Why Use HDPE / LDPE in Your Applications:

  • Light Weight
  • Stain, Odor and Moisture Resistant
  • FDA & NSF Approval for Food Contact
  • Vacuum and Thermo-Formable Material
  • Very Durable and Abrasion Resistant
  • Self-Lubricating and Low Co-Efficient of Friction
  • Very High Chemical Resistance
  • Low Specific Gravity (Floats in Water)
  • Can be Heat Welded or RF Welded
  • High Impact Strength and Energy Absorption
  • Excellent Wear Resistance and FDA/NSF Approved
  • Exceptional Low Temperature – Brittle at -110 degrees F


Applications – Frequently Used in:

  • Cutting Board and Food Preparation Surfaces
  • FDA, USDA, NSF Compliant Machined Parts
  • Heat Formed and Vacuum Formed Parts
  • Dasher Board For Ice Rinks – Impact Parts
  • Welded Tanks, Hoppers, Silo Linings and Slide Chutes
  • Chemical and Structural Tanks and Covers
  • Food Processing Equipment, Valve and Pump Components


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