Whether you just bought a new bow or simply want to give Ol’ Reliable a facelift, you’ll have fun outfitting your compound bow with accessories to improve its performance. To stack more arrows into the bull’s-eye than you ever thought possible, visit an archery shop and study your options for the accessories below.


  1. Sights

Sights are the one piece of gear you focus on every time you draw your bow. You can make an old bow feel new again by upgrading your sights. If you’ve bought a new bow, don’t skimp on your sight.


Many options are available in multi- and single-pin options. Multi-pin sights come in three-, five- or seven-pin options, and are ideal for keeping your setup simple and foolproof. Sight in each pin for a different yardage – usually 10 yards per pin – and you’ll be ready to shoot. Single-pin “slider” sights are more precise because they let archers dial the pin to the exact yardage and then hold where they want to hit.


  1. Release-Aids

A quality release-aid promotes consistent shots and tighter groups. Choose between a handheld thumb-button release or a wrist-strap trigger-finger release. Handheld thumb releases help some archers cure target panic, a psychological problem that prevents archers from holding their sight-pin on target. Wrist-strap releases remain strapped to your wrist, which helps you execute quick shots.


To decide which model is right for you, make sure you understand the pros and cons of each model, and that you’re comfortable using it. If you choose a wrist-strap release, consider a model that secures with a buckle strap. The buckle ensures your release attaches to your wrist at the same location each time.


  1. Rests

Your shooting preferences dictate the best arrow rest for you. If you often take long-range shots, buy a drop-away rest. When properly tuned, drop-away rests hold your arrow in a consistent position at full draw, and drop away from it almost instantly when you release. That ensures your rest won’t affect the shot.


If you don’t shoot long distances and simply want a quality rest that secures your arrow in place, look for a biscuit-style rest. These affordable rests deliver tack-driving accuracy for shots out to 40 yards.


  1. Wrist Slings

Gripping your bow loosely throughout the shot might be archery’s most difficult technique to master. Your grip is important, because most shooter-caused accuracy problems start there. If that’s a problem, consider a wrist sling, which lets you gently hold your bow throughout the shot without worrying it will fall when you release your arrow. When you consistently grip your bow loosely and comfortably, you’ll become much more accurate.


  1. Quivers

High-quality quivers do much more than hold your arrows, especially if they attach to your bow. Most modern quivers mount tightly to the bow’s riser, which helps balance your bow at full draw. Some mounting brackets quickly adjust the quiver higher or lower by simply flipping a lever. Even if you shoot without your quiver attached to your bow, quality models still hold your arrows securely, keeping them handy for shooting and organized for traveling.



Bow accessories let you customize your bow to your needs. Besides being practical, quality accessories make for fun visits to archery shops as you seek ways to improve your setup. Whether you want to rejuvenate your old bow or deck out a new bow with all the best gear you can afford, choosing the right accessories can improve its looks, feel and performance.


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Article Source: https://www.archery360.com/2017/11/02/5-accessories-every-compound-archer-needs/