Established in 1993, Apach Industrial Co., Ltd. is a market lead in manufacturing Nailer and Stapler. They offer high quality and reliable of air tools to satisfy clients’ standards and needs.


Since its establishment, Apach high creative R&D team with active move and ambitious vision offers the innovative design to have the best tool performance. The talent function designs with oil less patent and Apach identified mechanic, Apach nailers / staplers are the best products to choose and compete with your competitors in the market. Apach is the few ISO9001 certificate company by QMI. The 100% actual fire test and inspection before delivery, offer customers the reliable and safe nailers/staplers.


In addition to new products development, improving the present products for customer satisfaction is what Apach focuses on.


Below, I’m going to show you one of Apach’s excellent products – CF-15AA Corrugated Fastener Tool.


Corrugated Fastener Tool


CF-15AA Corrugated Fastener Tool
This Apach CF-15AA corrugated fastener tool is designed to be powerful, safely and comfortable to use. Apach’s corrugated fastener tool work great for joining door stiles and cabinet faces and can be used to quickly assemble window frames as well. It is also good at upholstery, building, bedding and other applications.



  • Bottom Load Magazine
  • Easy Magazine Adjustment
  • Jam-Free Magazine
  • Powerful



  • Compatible with Bea W, Duo-Fast CF, Haubold WN, Senco SC2, Omer CF Series



  • Framing, Joiner
  • Upholstery, Furniture, Bedding
  • Door, Window, Trimming, Picture Frames, Building Components
  • Cabinets, Furniture, Light wood assembly
  • Industrial, Pre-Fabricated Housing


If you have any interest in corrugated fastener tools or other nailer guns, I highly recommend you to visit Apach Industrial Co., Ltd. – they are the global well-known brand for nailers and staplers. You can get ideal tools at Apach. Feel free to contact them for more details!


Apach Industrial Co., Ltd.

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