So you’re kitted out head to toe in your best running gear. You look sleek, professional and fast! Now look down and check out your socks. Are they as awesome as everything else you are wearing? Let’s hope so.


The key to a comfortable run is comfortable feet. Like choosing technical fabrics for your running top, your socks also need to be made for running; this will prevent discomfort, blisters and ultimately help you run faster.


Here is a guide on how to choose the right running socks


Choosing The Right Fabric

Fabric is a vital component when choosing your running socks. Many athletes neglect the importance of fabric choice and opt to wear the usual cotton socks on their runs. Cotton holds in moisture, which means when you sweat, it stays within the sock and causes blisters. The best kind of fabrics for running is those which wick the moisture off the skin.


Natural Fibers

The best natural fiber for running is wool. Wool has excellent sweat wicking capabilities and manages moisture much better than cotton. Wool also warms and cools the body, regulating the temperature of your feet and keeping you comfortable on your run.


Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are an extremely popular choice for running socks. They are light, affordable and provide a mixed bag of benefits depending on what you need. Studies have shown that synthetic fiber socks keep the feet at a significantly lower temperature than cotton socks. Synthetic fibers include polyester, nylon and acrylic. These materials are sweat-wicking, breathable and are often more durable than their cotton counterparts.


Understanding The Features

Running socks can come with a multitude of features that can really benefit your run and help you to stay light and fast. It’s also important to know what these features mean before you buy the socks, and then you know exactly what your socks are going to do for you.


Seamless Socks

Seamless running socks help to prevent chafing by getting rid of any stitched seams that may rub against the feet during movement.


Compression Socks

Compression socks are designed to slightly compress the muscles to promote better blood flow through the legs and feet. Compression socks help with recovery and prevent muscle cramps and shin splints. When buying compression socks, be sure to get the correct size, socks that are too tight can cause discomfort and socks that are too loose won’t provide any benefits and my cause blisters.


Protection Socks

Protection socks can provide extra padding on the toes, heels and ball of the foot to prevent blisters and minimize shock within high impact areas.


Arch and Ankle Support

Arch and ankle support socks use elasticated material to grip the foot and provide extra support and comfort.


Anti-Blister Socks

Anti-blister socks are generally made with two layers to prevent potential friction. The two layers of material rub together to absorb and minimize friction against the feet. Anti-blister socks might be less breathable compared to other socks due to the two layers of fabric.


Toe Socks

Toe socks have extra fabric that separates the toes from one another. This helps to prevent blistering in between the toes by eliminating skin on skin friction.


Thick or Thin?

The thickness of your running socks is generally a personal preference. Thicker socks tend to provide more cushioning and prevent blisters, whilst thin socks are light and usually provide more ventilation. When selecting what size, it’s important to consider the event or climate you will be running in. Long distance runners might go for thicker socks to provide cushioning and support due to the higher impact on their feet.


If you are running in cold climates, thicker socks can keep the feet warm, whilst in hot climates; thin socks allow the feet to breathe. It’s also important to make sure the socks sit right within your shoes. Thick socks might make your shoes too tight which can cause discomfort, while very thin socks can cause blisters and chafing. Always train with your race day socks before you run any event.


There you have it, not all socks are equal.


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