Warwick Machine Tools will go forward concentrating exclusively on providing pre- and post-sales and service support for the Excetek CNC wire cut machine tools brand in the UK and Eire.


The move follows an ‘exceptional’ 12 months of business with repeat and new customer orders and enquiries for the range.


However, the firm says that existing UK customers with ONA EDM machines will continue to be supported with the usual technical backup and service care they are used to.


Explains national sales manager Andrew Kilshaw: “We have had an exceptional long-term relationship with ONA, supplying and supporting customers in many advanced industry sectors and we will not abandon those customers with older and more recent ONA EDM machines as we have the most technical experience and expertise to support them in the UK.


“However, the continued growth of Excetek demands our full focus and the tough decision was recently taken to end the business partnership amicably.”


About Excetek

Established in Taiwan in 2006, Excetek Technologies focuses solely on Wire electro discharge machine tool technology. Their senior management team has rich experience of wire EDM technology. And, driving the technology forward, the Japanese technical manager, Mr. Matsuo, has over 45 years’ experience in the wire cut sector. All machine tool research and development is done in-house, and the software and high frequency pulse control generator have been created by Excetek.


The CNC system has been developed by the company, using Windows-based 64-bit architecture with a 15 inch LCD touch-screen for programming. Excetek says it is easier for operators to understand as they are already familiar with the ‘look and feel’ of the Windows environment. It cuts down the training time required, so one day’s training is all that is required before the operator is competent to program and run the machine. Programming can be done using standard ISO G code or Excetek’s Icon Assistant conversational software, which uses the controls extensive database of cutting technologies.


If you have any interest in EDM machines, welcome to check out the website of Warwick Machine Tools and Excetek Technologies.


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Article Source: http://www.machinery.co.uk/machinery-news/warwick-machine-tools-to-concentrate-efforts-on-excetek-edm