What Is A Hydraulic Crimping Tool?

Directly Hydraulic Compression Tool

Hydraulic crimping tools are specialty, professional pliers designed for the crimping of copper, aluminum, various metals, as well as types cable wiring and butt connectors.


Crimping pliers will crush metal objects to create what is called a crimp, which describes a tight join or closure that will not open back up on its own.


Simply speaking, a hydraulic crimping tool is used to crimp, or connect, a connector to an end of a cable or hose. Here we join two pieces of the cable / hose by crimping either one or both parts so that they hold on to each other.


Often used to attach a terminal or contact to the electrical conductor, a proper crimp requires a crimp tool, electrical conductor and the crimp barrel.

The hydraulic crimping tools with rugged edges provide you with a better level of crimping force – as much as 6-15 tons!


Types of Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Basically there are two categories of crimping tools: die-type tools and die-less tools


Where you require using dies and matching connectors, you will need the die-type tools. Where only the tool’s intender is enough to make the termination, the die-less tools are used.


Within the above mentioned categories, there are many different types of hydraulic crimping tools. The manual or hand crimp tools are mainly used where the significant measures include use of weight and space. These can be either manually-driven or power-driven.


The other kind is the power compression crimp tools that are usually used where a full-cycle mechanism is required for consistent shut heights of the connector. These are mainly used in industrial applications and you can also get specialty crimp tools. Let us now look at these in detail:


Hand Hydraulic Crimper Tools

  • They range in the size 22AWG -2AWG wires and crimps
  • Light-weight and easy to use
  • Limited mechanical linkage capability


Power Hydraulic Crimper Tools

  • Used with utility power cables
  • Can range as far as 750 MCM


Benefits of Hydraulic Crimper Tools

Things were not so easy before the latest advancements in hydraulics and these hydraulic crimper models. The older hydraulic crimping tools required not only a manual pumping force to pressurize the hydraulic system, but also an electrically operated hydraulic pump to pressurize the crimper tool. This meant more work, and more cost.


However the present day hydraulic crimping tool options have brought in technological changes. All you need now is rechargeable batteries to power some hydraulic systems. Two specific types of hydraulic crimpers are shown in the videos below.


The advantages of many new-age hydraulic crimping tools are:

  • Light-weight. Makes it easier to handle and use.
  • Compact.
  • Can be completely self-contained.
  • Faster crimp cycles.
  • More durable.
  • More efficient shaping.
  • Reduces physical stress of the user.
  • Does away with the threat of repetitive-motion injury.


In short, the advancements in the hydraulic crimpers have taken the pressure off people handling such tools, which in turn means better output. In other words, this will mean an increase in the number of connections that can be made each day. Hence it is really worth to invest in these present-day products.


Recommend Hydraulic Hand Tools Manufacturer

It is always in your interest to find a manufacturer that provides you with a complete system of tools, dies and connectors. This will help you to avoid confusions, ensure proper standards as well as make a safe and reliable connection as well. It helps you to do away with over-crimping or under-crimping threats!


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