There are a lot of options out there for waiting chairs or office lobby seating. When furnishing a lobby, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. This guide will go over a few common questions you will want to ask yourself prior to making a purchase and will make a few recommendations.


Common Questions:

  • How much money are you able to spend? Budget is always a factor, regardless of the business or organization. There are several options out there for the budget-minded shopper. Just be careful you don’t sacrifice quality for price.


  • Will the customer, patient or client be waiting for a long time? The longer a customer waits, the more uncomfortable they will be. A comfortable customer is often an angry customer, which makes them harder to work with. If the customer will be waiting long, padded furniture is highly recommended.


  • Is space an issue? Many lobbies and waiting rooms are limited on space. If space is a concern, you may want to consider going with bench-style seating. This type of seating can still sit a lot of people, but will not take up as much room.


Lobby Furniture Options:


  • Bench-Style Seating – Bench style seating typically does not feature a back support and is usually placed up against walls and hallways. This isn’t always the case. Bench seating may also be placed in the middle of a room. Benches are typically made of wood and feature some sort of fabric-covered padding.


  • Padded Wooden Chairs – Padded wooden chairs look nice and are comfortable to sit in. These are especially nice for use in lobbies and waiting rooms where long waits (10 minutes or more) are the norm. Wood fits in well with existing furniture.


  • Plastic Chairs – Plastic chairs are cheap, easy to clean and can be moved easily from one place to another. These chairs are especially nice for waiting rooms with a lot of children present as they can easily be cleaned off with a washcloth. Plastic chairs are also especially durable.


  • Padded Metal-Frame ChairsPadded tubular metal-frame chairs have more of an industrial look, but are still very reliable, comfortable and durable. Many of these chairs feature padded seats available in a variety of different fabric patterns. These are a great choice for convention halls, churches and other large gatherings.


  • Stackable Chairs – Stackable chairs save space. This is especially nice for cleaning as the chairs can easily be stacked and moved for easy access to the floor. Stackable chairs are commonly found in multi-purpose rooms. These chairs are often padded and can be found in plastic, metal and wood designs.


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