Waders are waterproof boots that extended from your feet up to your chest, and are made out of neoprene, PVC, rubber, or Gore-Tex. Because they extend up to your chest, waders are often referred to as chest waders. They can be made with the boots attached to them or with stocking feet that you can wear inside your boots. Waders are necessary for duck hunting because we all know how hunting duck can land us in some very muddy and wet situations. Waders keep your clothing and yourself dry so you can better enjoy your hunt.


Types and Uses for Hunting Chest Waders


Hunting chest waders have been in use for duck hunting and other uses for hundreds of years. They first started becoming officially manufactured in the 1850s, and once rubber became popular in the early 1900s, they have been made out of the waterproof and reliable material ever since. In fact, many of the chest waders that we have today are strikingly similar to the ones that duck hunters had back in during World War II in terms of how they were built and the materials used.


There are two primary types of chest waders: boot foot and stocking foot. Boot foot waders have the boot in them already, and in that regard, are more convenient. Stocking foots on the other hand do not have boots as a part of them, but will attach to other kinds of boots.


You might be hesitant to buy a pair of chest waders because you might think that they are only used for duck hunting, and that it’s therefore not worth the expense to buy them if you only go duck hunting once or twice a year. The truth is that chest waders have an extremely large variety of different applications. They can be used not only doing duck and waterfowl hunting, but while riding on ATVs, while gardening, fishing, angling, or while boating. In terms of industry, they can also be worn by those who deal with chemicals, flooding, sewerage, and utilities.


When it comes to duck and waterfowl hunting, however, chest waders are absolutely necessary as they protect your foot from trench foot. Trench foot is alarmingly common in those who spend a lot of time in the water and other wet environments without the right kind of protection or preparations. For people who fish or duck hunt out in the marsh and swamps for hours at a time, chest waders are absolutely necessary for preventing trench foot, hypothermia, and other problems that can arise.


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