Choose Mountop As Your Pump Vane Supplier


Established in 1977, Mountop Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. began by providing heat-treatment for high-speed steel and steel molds. In 1978, it was actively involved in research and development and the established tool factory to produce cold and hot forging punches. In keeping with current trends toward automation, Mountop Precision has continually upgraded its products precision and aggressively produced smaller, shorter, thinner and lighter vane products.


In order to supply products reaching the highest standard of micro-tolerances and upgrades its manufacturing facilities, Mountop Precision has imported equipment and instruments from Switzerland, Europe and Japan to become a leading supplier of hydraulic pump vanes, rotary compressor vanes, and various vanes.


Below, I will bring you to learn some product information about Mountop’s pump vanes:


Features of Mountop Pump Vanes

  1. Rotary Compressor Pump Vane:

This type of vane is suitable for air-conditioners, dehumidifiers and refrigerators.

  1. V&VQ Series Intra Vane
  2. Denison Hollow Vane:

It is suitable for concrete mixing machines, metal press machines, press machines and cargo ships.

  1. Hydraulic Pump Vane:

This pump vane is suitable for centerless grinding machines, CNC lathe machines, special purpose machines, turbine ship engine room, turbine motors, diesel engines and baling press machines.

  1. Power Steering Pump Vane:

This type of pump vane is suitable for engines of luxury cars and trucks.

  1. Motor Vane:

It is suitable for heavy-duty power (low-speed high torque) motors.


Excellent Mountop products are provided for domestic and overseas well-known air-conditioning compressor and hydraulic pump manufacturers, and the overseas markets include Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, the United States, North America, Canada, and the European countries, and etc. By attending international exhibitions, Mountop makes itself available to directly contact with customers to provide more competitive products as well as more rapid and convenient services.


If you need more information about Mountop’s various vanes, try to watch the YouTube video below. And feel free to check out its website and send inquiry to let Mountop know your requirements.



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