Mixer Principle


Agitator Mixer is widely used in chemical, paint, food, medicine, building materials, paints, resins, research and other industries. The device may require carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials produced product based on the user’s process, as well as a heating and cooling devices to meet different process and production needs. Heating the form of electric heating jacket, heating coils, the device reasonable structure design, advanced technology, durable, and has simple, easy to use features, is ideal for less investment, faster production and labor saving chemical equipment.


Reactor Principle


Reactor kettle is a physical or chemical reaction, through the structural design and configuration parameters of the container, to achieve the required heating process, evaporation, cooling and low speed mixed function.


What’s The Different?


  1. Cover Structure: the reactor head cover as stirred tank cover often flat cap, semi-open, rarely head form.


  1. Observe Media Way: the reactor through the mixing of endoscopic observation of the autoclave and the reaction stirred tank through a manhole on a semi-open lid or flat lid observation, much larger than the range of the reactor can be observed in the sight glass.


  1. Sealed: Reactor often need to work in a vacuum or under pressure, to install the mechanical seal in order to meet the requirements, then use conventional stirred tank packing can be.


  1. Heating Device: reactor requires heating jacket or coil heating and cooling, namely mixing and mixing process is complete the reaction medium at temperatures accompanied by, But agitator usually only as a simple mixing device ,does not require heating process


  1. Cost: Agitator mixer is simply than reaction kettle. Can directly reflect in the production costs, so the price of the same size reactor is also higher than a mixer.


Above this, the Agitator Mixer is simply structure than reaction kettle and also easy to produce and operation. Both of agitator and reactor can application in liquid materials, and installation method is similar.


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