So far you have been explained in detail the uses of pipe cutters, the features, and pieces of advice regarding the bestsellers have been provided after evaluating each pipe cutter vigilantly, and finally, you have been told what features you need to observe while making a purchase.


If you are a regular customer, you would probably know it as experience speaks for itself. However, this page is immensely useful for newcomers.


All you need to know is that a pipe cutting instrument is a device used to cut pipes or tubes, and it is a need in numerous businesses and workshops. Pipe cutters are used by a wide range of individuals; from plumbers to engineers. They not only rely on the pipe cutters to carry out their everyday tasks but are fond of modern models of pipe cutters launching all-round the year.


Pipe cutters are used to cut pipes to the desired length at installation or for repair work and are perfect for removing damaged segments of the pipe before replacing it. Before the invention of pipe cutters, a hacksaw was widely used for this purpose.


A hacksaw is a handy tool having a metal frame and a thin blade. It has been used for cutting the pipes since a long time and could be found in every garage and a homeowner’s toolbox. However, as it has a thin blade, cutting through thick metals was extremely difficult, and the blade could break or get damaged. Moreover, its design reflects that it has been assembled particularly for thin metals and plastic and as the blade is open it can lead to unforeseeable accidents. Therefore, it gave birth to the need of strong pipe cutters.


Modern pipe cutters can fulfill all the weaknesses traditional hacksaws had and are very simple to use.


The sort of metal the pipe is made up of figures out if a pipe cutting instrument or a hacksaw can be used. While a hacksaw can cut any size of a pipe made of most plastics and metals, pipe cutters are more constrained in where they can be utilized. In contrast with using a hacksaw to cut a pipe, a pipe cutter exhibits a few points of interest: Flawlessly straight and clean cuts can be obtained using these and is likewise quicker and more efficient.


Pipe cutters today have sharp cutting wheels which penetrate through the pipes as they are rotated. With each 360 degrees rotation, the cutting wheel is engraved more into the pipe, chopping thinner pipes in just a few rotations and hard metal ones a little later. Similarly, power pipe cutters are even more convenient to use as they are driven by batteries which propel the cutting wheel and enables them to slice the pipe within seconds!


These pipe cutters are of immense importance to professionals as it allows them to work quickly. Pipe cutters leave no sawdust to contaminate your pipe work, they also give a cleaner cut, and they are highly safe to use as they are designed to fit around the pipe hence the blade is not exposed directly to the user, and there is a minimum possibility of the user getting hurt.


A hacksaw can still be used to cut pipes, however using a pipe cutter can be a great deal instead because of all the advantages mentioned above. While we use an instrument, all of us wish that it lasts longer and the performance does not deteriorate therefore you need to look after your pipe cutters and do the repairs and maintenance frequently.


First of all, you need to keep it safe indoors so that it remains protected from any possible damage. Although pipe cutters are usually made up of corrosion-resistant materials, it is always better to take the precautions.


Furthermore you are advised to disassemble it once in a while to clean off the deposition of dirt inside to ensure that it works at its best for a longer time and in case of single-handed pipe cutters you also have to be careful about their plastic body because if it gets damaged, the metal interior will get exposed and it may corrode over time.


These safety measures will help your pipe cutters perform consistently and would prove to be a source of convenience for you for a longer period!


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