What Are Locking Nuts?

Lock nuts are used to locate bearings and other components onto a shaft as well as to facilitate mounting bearings on tapered journals and dismounting bearings from withdrawal sleeves

Bearing Lock Nuts
When You Use Lock Nuts, You Should Notice….

Lock nuts have to be secured to prevent unintentional loosening. This is done, either by a locking device that engages a keyway in the shaft or key slot in the adapter sleeve, or by a locking mechanism integrated in the nut. Lock nuts with an integrated locking mechanism reduce the cost of the shaft as no keyway is required. Installation is also quicker and easier because no separate locking device is necessary. However, the loosening torque of these lock nuts requires more attention.


Bearing lock nuts are locked on the shaft (sleeve) by friction which varies (with the loosening torque) as a result of the accuracy of the tightening torque of the grub screw (locking screws), the surface finish of the shaft (sleeve) thread, the amount of lubricant on the thread, etc. The lock nuts should be properly mounted and there should be only a limited amount of lubricant on the thread.


There are three locking pins equally spaced around the circumference of the nut to lock it onto the shaft. The locking pins are pressed into the shaft thread with grub screws. The end face of each pin is machined to match the shaft thread. The holes for the locking pins and grub screws are drilled at an angle to the shaft thread to avoid backlash.


Application of Locking Nuts

Intended for applications where high precision, simple assembly and reliable locking are required. They should not be used on shafts with a keyway or on adapter sleeves with a key slot. The locking pin can be damaged if it aligns with a keyway or slot.


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