The good news is that you can find casters for office chairs, desks and even workstations to keep things rolling easily.


Your employees would love to use chairs and desks that are mobile for the right reasons. If you select the right caster, your office chairs can roll and move around easily and more importantly, quietly without the need of ugly plastic mats.


It is also seen that choosing the right office casters can improve workplace ergonomics. This means you can select the right casters and indirectly keep your staff healthy and happy.


How Can Technically Advance Office Chair Caster Wheels Positively Affect Your Workplace?


Modern office furniture caster wheels can roll and swivel even on carpeted floors. The innovative bearing and wheel design makes it easy for chairs, desks and other office equipment to move over carpeted areas or on floors with rugs with ease.


This easy movement makes work more comfortable for employees who have to sit in chairs for extended periods. What’s more interesting to note here is that ease of movement translates into increased productivity and efficiency. Not to forget, you can reduce workplace overexertion.


Yes, Office Casters Can Be Quiet!


Perhaps the last things you would want in your office are noisy wheels and unwanted squeaky sounds of rolling office chairs and equipment. You can now find ‘practically’ silent office chair casters that can maintain the mobility of your office furniture and equipment without adding to the noise. Remember, ‘silent’ office casters can help your employees stay focused on the task and help them become more productive.


No Need for Ugly Carpets


With innovative materials used in office chair casters, there will no longer be need for unattractive plastic mats or carpets in the office. “Non marking” casters do not mark or strain the tiles and at the same time, extend the life of your carpet or rug.


Because office casters can now be easily replaced, investing in high quality office casters make more financial sense than ever. After all, you no longer have to add the inconvenience of buying new office chairs to your budget.


How to Replace Your Office Chair Casters


Well, buying new chairs just because your office chair wheel breaks is history now. Chair casters can be easily replaced and replacement casters are affordable as well.


Before you proceed with the replacement, make sure:


  • The replacement caster wheels you choose match the stem and wheel of your existing caster.
  • Caster wheel you choose for replacement should show best performance on your office floor.


Remember that chair casters are differentiated by their diameter. Larger wheels can make your chair sit higher. On the other hand, caster with smaller wheels can lower your chair.


Hard wheel casters are designed for use on carpeted floors. Soft wheel casters can be used on hard floors (wooden and tile surfaces).


Where Can You Find Quality Caster Wheel Replacement?


About this question, I can recommend a manufacturer to you – that’s ENJOYING GO Co., Ltd.


ENJOY is a professional caster wheel manufacturer in Taiwan. They offer kinds of caster wheels for office chairs and home furniture. If you need more information about caster wheels, try to visit ENJOY and get more selections of PU caster series.



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