In this article, I will list down the advantages and disadvantages of sliding spool and poppet valve.


Types of Directional Control Valves:

Sliding Spool, Poppet / Diagram, Rotary Spool, Rotary Disc, Slide.


Here, I only introduce Sliding Spool Valve and Poppet Valve. Let’s learn more information about them below:


Sliding Spool Valves


Sliding spool valves are the most common directional control valves used in transmission of pneumatic power to the actuator. They are available in various forms and sizes.




The main advantages of spool valves with seals are:


  1. Simple maintenance.
  2. Fully balanced spool design allowing air to be without creating spool movement.
  3. Relatively simple to attach controls.
  4. Stroke limiters can be used.
  5. Available in suitable forms.
  6. Connected to any port




The main disadvantages of spool valves with seals are:


  1. Larger body size.
  2. Higher wear rates.
  3. Require lubrication.
  4. Continuous leakage.
  5. Not suitable for high pressure applications.
  6. Slower response time.
  7. Require a better quality air.


Poppet Valves


Poppet valves come in a wide variety of forms and are the most useful valve in pneumatic services. It can be used as the pilot section of a solenoid controlled valve. Poppet valve construction varies in accordance with the valve function and flow requirements.




The main advantages of poppet valves are:


  1. Can operate with lubricant free air.
  2. Can operate with inferior quality air.
  3. Leak free.
  4. Low wear.
  5. High flow rates.
  6. Rapid response.




  1. Cannot be serviced.
  2. Not suited to reverse porting.
  3. Relatively high operating forces.
  4. Air loss during change over.


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