In this article, you can learn a simple introduction about dielectric antenna. Furthermore, I also give the information about a excellent antennas supplier for you.


Do You Know What Dielectric Antennas are?


Dielectric Antennas are made of polystyrene or using plastic or other dielectric materials. These lens antennas are used for millimeter wave frequency above 40 GHz. In this kind of antenna dielectric lens is placed over end of the horn antenna which focuses waves into narrower beam. This results in greater gain as well as directive.


Features of Dielectric Antenna:


  • Compact, lightweight.
  • Small, clear empty area necessary.
  • Rugged, monolithic construction.
  • Multiband, High gain, uniform directivity
  • Surface mountable design (SMD) with low-loss metallization that is easily solderable.
  • Customize antenna frequency and impedance matching


When you obtain some information about dielectric antenna, you maybe ask “Where to find them?” I can recommend a supplier for you. Check out below:


Where to Find The Recommendable Antenna Supplier?


When mentioned antenna supplier, I will think of Cirocomm Technology Corp. The company was found in 1996. And it is a leading provider and designer in microwave communication components industry. Cirocomm is specializing in providing a large scale of passive 3C components, including dielectric resonators, dielectric filter and ceramic antenna etc.


Nowadays the development of Ceramic Industry has been combined with diverse high technologies, as a leader in the ceramic industry. Cirocomm wish to promote Taiwan image throughout the globe by widening ceramics application to electronics, medical, automobile and IoT solution.


If you need more information about Cirocomm and its dielectric antennas, try to check out their website and feel free to send inquiry to Cirocomm.



Cirocomm Technology Corp.

1F.,No.1492,Chunri Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: +886-3-3576889

FAX: +886-3-3576786




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