What is PPS?


Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) is a partially crystalline, high temperature performance polymer that has the chemical structure shown in the figure below. This polymer has a high melting point of approximately 280°C, excellent chemical resistance and is inherently flame retardant. It possesses self-extinguishing properties without the addition of any flame retardant chemical additives. Conventional PPS resins are so – called thermally cross – linked.

PPS Structure

PPS is an Engineering Polymer Whose Structure is Composed of Benzene and Sulfur.


Characteristics of Poly Phenylene Sulfide


  • Mechanical strength is exceedingly high, with flexural strength in particular exhibiting a high value, excellent elastic recovery is also possessed.
  • Possesses high toughness, while high values are also exhibited for compression and shear Characteristics.
  • Possesses superior creep characteristics even under high temperatures and loads.
  • Possesses superior fatigue resistance to repetitive stresses.
  • Elongation and impact strength are high, and brittleness, a major drawback of traditional PPS, has been improved significantly.
  • Can withstand immersion in 260 °C solder bath for 10 s, making the resin more than able to cope with electronic component surface mount technologies.
  • Lonic impurities are low, and application is possible in applications where strict electrical properties are demanded.
  • Little change in volume resistivity is shown over time, and there is almost no change in dielectric constant due to frequency or temperature. These characteristics make it an excellent insulative material.
  • Weld strength is high, and superior secondary process ability (screws, insertion, etc.) is exhibited.


The Applications of PPS


PPS products have been specified in a wide range of injection mold applications including:


  • Under-The-Hood Automotive Parts
  • Power Train Components
  • Pumps
  • Fuel System Components
  • Surface Mounts


They are also used in:

  • Electrical / Electronic Components
  • Blower And Pump Parts
  • Protective And Non-Stick Coatings
  • Surgical Devices
  • Power Tools


PPS which is formed by blow molding or extrusion can be used to produce films and composites, and is an excellent candidate for fuel cells and diesel fuel cars.


The Plastic Raw Material Manufacturer


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