X2 Film Capacitor is non-inductively wound with metallized Polypropylene film as the dielectric / electrode with copper-clad steel leads and encapsulated in a plastic case sealed with epoxy resin.



X2 film capacitor is as an across the-line type noise suppression capacitor, and suitable for AC purpose Line-Bypass and antenna coupling.



  • Box type provides the identical outer appearance
  • Very low loss at high frequency, suitable for high current
  • High insulation resistance, long life due to self-healing effect
  • Withstanding 2.5KV impulse voltage, Class X2
  • High moisture-resistance.



Rapid loss of capacitance at X2-certified film capacitors especially occurs under the usage in harsh environmental conditions. This leads to an early failure of power supplies as well as a loss of reliable EMI-suppression.


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