The solutions you use for your cleaning projects are essential for achieving high performance. If you want to ensure your customers are satisfied, then you need the best products and carpet cleaning equipment you can get your hands on. If you talk to different carpet cleaning professionals, you may find that they each have their own set of techniques.


Some floor cleaning experts prefer to skip the preconditioning step when doing carpets. Then there are others who apply pre-conditioners, but fail to do so at the recommended amounts of the manufacturer. In most cases, this is due to impatience – their sprayers are too slow, so they rush through the process with fewer products being applied.


Different types of sprayers are also used by experts to apply various solutions, such as deodorizers and fabric protectors. Knowing the best sprayers to use for carpet cleaning isn’t always clear-cut. Is it really required for you to use sprayers in the first place? You can clean carpets just using equipment, such as tile cleaning and truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. However, sprayers can help ensure certain products are applied correctly.


It all comes down to choosing the right sprayers for the cleaning process.


Trigger Sprayers


This is an economical option for carpet cleaning professionals. It’s best to use trigger sprayers when you are applying small amounts of solutions, such as a localized deodorizer, to a spot on the carpet or a couch cushion. Some experts choose to use trigger sprayers exclusively for cleaning furniture. Using this for a wide area wouldn’t be feasible.


Pump-Up Sprayers


These are the most commonly used sprayers. They can be purchased in various sizes, the smallest being quart-sized. You can use them much like you would a trigger sprayer, however, it has a higher capacity for pressure and minimizes fatigue. This is a good choice if you’re looking to apply chemicals to both carpets and furniture. You can use it for deodorizing, post treatments, pre-conditioning and other types of applications.


Battery / Electric Sprayers


Obviously, you want to find carpet cleaning equipment that will make your job faster and easier. This is what makes battery and electric sprayers attractive. It’s simple to operate and it’s portable, much like the pump-up sprayer (minus adding pressure to the tank).


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