“Like any wireless technology, however, GSM communications are dependent on antennas.”


Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication systems are fast becoming the standard in mobile phones everywhere. The GSM system allows users to talk virtually anywhere in the world. It’s essentially a global roaming service that’s based on satellite communications, and it offers extraordinary flexibility and freedom for mobile phone users who have embraced this wireless technology. Like any wireless technology, however, GSM communications are dependent on antennas. That means that GSM services, and later generations of the technology like EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA, are in constant need of custom antenna designers to help them keep up with customer demand and to introduce new innovations to the marketplace.


There are many advantages to using GSM technology, such as:


  • Global roaming
  • The ability to switch services while keeping the same phone
  • The ability to send text messages
  • A universal emergency number, so emergency services can be called anywhere in the world without knowing the local number


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