Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) has been removing metal by spark erosion for more than half a century—with sinker (ram/Elox-) style EDMing for molds and wire EDM for precision parts cutting, especially dies. A third type, EDM drilling, has emerged for precision holemaking in the smallest sizes, going beyond its use initially as an EDM “popper” for starting holes in hard metals.


Today, there is no end in sight for precision machining applications like small holemaking for which EDM drilling in combination with other processes is being used. Originally an alternative to machining processes like turning and milling, EDM is often used in combination with other advanced machining processes. It has flourished as technology embraced advances in digital generators for more precise spark control and software that draws upon a legacy of machining data for more efficient production.


EDM Drilling Small, Tight Tolerance Holes


Fast hole EDM drilling machines can be used to efficiently manufacture small, tight tolerance holes, for example, in medical parts that require the insertion of suture material and guide wires. Recent enhancements in this technology include controller and power supply upgrades. “Software and hardware upgrades to the controller and EDM power supply improve drilling speed and stability, while reducing electrode usage and improving metallurgical recast issues,” said Steve Bond, sales manager- EDM Products, Methods Machine Tools Inc. (Sudbury, MA).


Wire EDM Designed for Ease of Use, Low Cost of Operation


Advances in wire EDM technology focus on programming and software is designed for ease of use, as well as accuracy and quality of finish. Such is the case with two new large scale wire EDM machines from Makino Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI). The U3 and U6 wire EDMs feature new HyperCut technology and Hyper-i control that make is easy for even novice operators to program and produce the most complex parts in competitive cycle times and high degrees of accuracy and finish, regardless of the condition or application.


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Article Source: http://advancedmanufacturing.org/drilling-small-deep-holes-precision-edm/