Choosing the right gateway or router isn’t all there is to successful mobile networking. Signal quality is essential and this can only be guaranteed by picking the right 3G or 4G LTE antenna and solutions.


Selecting the right antenna

When selecting an antenna the following considerations need to be made:


Where will the antenna need to be situated?

If outside then the antenna will need the appropriate IP rating to ensure it is protected against dust and water. If inside then it will need to be of a suitable size.


What application is the antenna being used for?

Different applications require different types of antennas, for example WiFi and GPS will require their own antennas in addition to cellular antennas.


What environment is the antenna being placed in?

For example, vehicular or industrial locations will require an antenna that is suitably ruggedized with the appropriate fixtures.


What is the quality of the signal in the intended location?

If the signal quality is poor then a high gain external antenna may suit it best.


What frequency band are you using?

Most high quality antennas cover a wide range of frequencies, but some cheaper antennas are only suitable for one type of connectivity, e.g. 2G, 3G or 4G.


How visible will the antenna be?

If it is highly visible in a prominent location then it may be important that it is aesthetically suitable.


Where and how does the antenna need to be fixed?

Different locations require for the antenna to be attached in different places, for example on a window, wall or ceiling, and will therefore require different types of fixtures, for example screw-on, stick-on or magnetic.


After these questions have been addressed, the process of selecting the correct 4G LTE antenna can begin.


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