When considering the size, you want to make sure the holder is not too bulky for continuous wear. If a larger holder is needed for brochures, leaflets and things of that nature, consider partnering it with a lanyard so it can be worn around the neck preventing the holder from weighing down the event goers clothing. If the plastic badge holder is to be worn daily, you will likely not want to go any larger than 3″x4″ for ease of movement. Many business card size holders are available which is a great size for wearing on a daily basis.


Plastic Badge holders also come in a variety of thicknesses of vinyl. 10 gauges is a common thickness that you will find in most badge holder styles. This thickness is suitable for limited or occasional use. 10 gauge holders should hold up well for the duration of an event or meeting. If you are looking for a holder to be used daily or that will experience harsher wear and tear, consider a heavy duty style with a thickness of 30 gauge or higher. You may also consider acetate material or rigid holders for high use environments.


When choosing your fastener type, you will need to consider your employees and/or guests. Keep in mind what will be most comfortable and practical for the use of the holders. A standard pin is common and generally is the least expensive option. Pins are secure to the clothing, however, they can sometimes cause damage with pin holes or possible ripping if the holder is caught on something. Bulldog clips are another option. Clips are a great alternative to prevent damage to clothing, but you do need to ensure uniforms will have an appropriate place for attachment such as a pocket or collar.


You can also find badge holder styles referred to as “combo” which include both a clip and a pin. This gives your event goer an option to choose which fastener they prefer to wear. A most popular option is to attach the badge holders to the end of a lanyard. Lanyards are worn around the neck eliminating the attachment of the holder itself to the clothing. Lanyards are generally offered with key ring, bulldog clip, or swivel hook fasteners. Most badge holders come with either an oval slot and/ or a circle in the top for fastener attachment. Bulldog clips work perfectly with most oval slots while swivel hooks are a better option for circle holes. Key rings can be used for either style, however, they are a bit more time consuming to attach. You can also find badge holders that have an elastic style lanyard already attached to the lanyard on each end. These are an easy and convenient option because there is no need for assembly.


Many plastic badge holders are offered blank without customization which are great for a quick turnaround and are certainly more cost effective. Customization is often offered on a variety of sizes. You may want to consider customizing with text and color for easier identification at your trade show, meeting, or even your workplace. “Exhibitor” and “Attendee” are popular titles that are used for customization of your plastic badge holder. You may also choose to include your company name and/ or logo. Choosing to add customization adds a special touch and importance to your badge holders while also making your guests more easily recognizable.


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