Majority of the industrial machines are powered by hydraulic cylinder which uses pressurized hydraulic fluids for smooth functioning. These cylinders have various applications in the mechanical industry. The pressurized fluid is controlled by the operator of the device with the help of a control valve. The control valve is connected to tubes and distributor hoses. These valves control the release of the fluids and also mix the fluids with the gases.


The hydraulic cylinders are classified into two categories based on the functions and structure of the device. There are single acting and double acting cylinders which include different features. Different types of cylinders are used in various fields such as construction, engineering, mechanical and so forth. It is important to choose these devices according to specific requirements.


There are various factors to consider before buying these cylinders and some of the most important factors include the following.


Pressure Bearing Capacity: These devices should have the ability to withstand high pressure or in other words, it should have an ideal operating pressure.


Diameter: The diameter of the piston and the bore should be checked before buying these devices.


High Working Temperature: These devices should be able to sustain high temperature so as to perform its functions accurately.


The flow of the hydraulic fluid indicates the speed of the device. In some cases, there may be a reduction in the overall performance of the cylinder which can be traced back to the flow of the fluid. There will be a reduction in the speed of the device if there is a loss of flow.


An increase in speed is caused when the flow of liquid is increased. There are various aspects which increase the speed of the system. The speed is increased if the load of the device is reduced. The air in the system is another important factor to consider. The speed of the system will increase if the air entrainment is corrected.


These cylinders are basically used in engineering products and heavy machineries which require huge amount of power to operate. It is used in majority of the heavy equipment such as excavators, bull dozers and so forth.


It is also used in cars as hydraulic brakes as it helps the brakes to function smoothly and efficiently. It is also used in jacks to lift heavy equipment from the surfaces. It is also known as car jack, floor jack and garage jack. The bottle jack is another variety of device which is used in narrow areas to lift heavy objects. It is mainly used to repair the foundation of houses. It is even used for construction purposes too.


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