The height of volleyball nets varies depending on the age group that is playing Volleyball. Logically, the net height is considerably lower for the younger players and it gets taller as the age group grows. Also, the net height for women is slightly lower than that for men’s volleyball, because females are typically smaller in height. The net is positioned at a height regardless of your age that requires a reasonable jump to get above it (unless you are unusually tall). For a tall Volleyball player, usually they can just reach the top of the net without jumping, but you wouldn’t be able to block or hit the ball over straight down without jumping.


What this means is that you need to learn to jump as high as possible. In fact, the taller that you can reach the more chance you have of getting the ball down on the opponent court. Some of the tall players in volleyball are able to jump up a meter in the air, meaning that their total reach is often near 3 and a half meters! The full net height for males is 2.43 meters, and for females it is 2.24 meters. The net height is adjusted by loosening the net with the winch, undoing the pin that goes through the net pole, sliding the net up and then fitting the pin in again. From there, you simply wind the net back up so it is taught.


You might think that just because you aren’t tall that you have no chance of being a good spiker. In experience, those that are smaller have bigger jumping abilities, meaning that they have about the same height jump as someone who is tall. Of course, being tall has its advantages for blocking and spiking. You can always increase your vertical jump, but you aren’t always able to grow more!


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