While they are often called many different names, oil seals, grease seals, fluid seals, and dirt seals all accomplish the same task: they have the very important job of closing the spaces between stationary and moving parts in all kinds of mechanical equipment. For everything from automotive, industrial, and agricultural equipment to manufacturing equipment and machine tools – oil and grease seals are an absolute necessity in the modern world when it comes to attaining the level of performance and efficiency that helps provide us with the many vehicles, products, and services we benefit from every day.


The very vital components of all kinds of bearings, from angular contact bearings to cylindrical roller bearings are all protected by oil seals, to keep their precisely constructed assemblies safe and reliable at all times – in even some of the harshest applications.


In addition to actually closing the spaces and gaps in various machines, tools, and vehicles, grease seals also provide critical protection against harmful contamination. With the help of oil seals, what needs to stay in the machine (such as lubrication) does so, and what needs to stay out of the machine (dirt, debris, and other contaminants) is kept away from its hardworking and often-delicate parts and components.


Simultaneously and specifically in the case of machine tools and machine components, oil seals do much more than prevent the ingress of abrasives, moisture, and contaminants. They also ensure that various liquids do not mix together, such as oil based lubricants and water.


There are many grease oil seal designs engineered specifically to meet the needs of various industries. While it might seem like “a seal’s a seal” the actual design, materials, and configuration used can make a significant difference in certain applications. For example, some seal types are engineered to eliminate torque and friction, this enables the seal to move with the bearings and the other machine components while simultaneously protecting against contamination. Other seal varieties are engineered with greater efficiency in mind. Regardless of the requirement, the industrial world has come up with a number of designs and concepts to deliver the performance needed for virtually every application. Some of these seal types include:


  • Light duty deals
  • Heavy duty seals
  • O-ring seals
  • V-seals
  • Labyrinth seals
  • Multiple lip seals
  • And more…


Whether you’ve ever even considered oil and grease seals before. They have undoubtedly affected your life and the things you use every day. So next time you think about how all the things surrounding you are manufactured – consider the impact of one tiny component: the oil seal.


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