ID cards and security badges are quite durable and those without expiration dates can be used for up to 7 years because they are plastic-laminated. When further protected by PVC or vinyl badge holder series, they can last up to 10 years. Your organization can reduce the cost of ID card replacements if your ID cards are protected from the daily wear and tear, are safe from being misplaced, secure from loss or theft, and protected from direct physical damage with these protective badge holders.


Proximity card holders vary according to type of material used, orientation, and accessibility. The three types of ID/badge holders are vinyl badge holders, rigid card holders, and half-card holders. They also come in different orientation, such as horizontal and vertical.


You may need an ID holder that has a slider or a thumb notch if you will be using a card that has to be scanned regularly through a card reader. On the other hand, if your card needs to be tamper-proof, the badge card holder should be the lock-in type.


These ID holders are available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and orientation to meet all your purposes and needs – from executive ID card holders, security badge holders, medical badge holders, to color-coded ID cases and more.


You can easily specify what you need to keep your name badge prominently displayed yet protected. Choose from the following categories:


  • Clear Flexible Holders – are made with clear plastic materials
  • Color Flexible Holders – are made of the same clear plastic material with its top portion in colored plastic material and are available in different colors.
  • Rigid Badge Holders – are made of rigid and more durable plastic material
  • Arm Band Badge Holders – some of these are made of reflective material. These are worn around the upper arm for visibility at night or in dark work areas. These types of badge holds are popular among law enforcement officials, airline crew, construction workers, firemen, emergency workers, and security personnel.
  • Proximity Card Holders – these are made specifically for your proximity cards
  • Specialty Badge Holders – these are the kinds that reflect light, glow in the dark, or prevent unwanted access to smart cards. Some come in different varieties that use magnets.
  • Metal ID Racks – these are metal racks that accommodate up to 40 ID cards.


Plastic ID holders and metal ID racks are reusable and are a great way of ensuring that employees, students, and visitors keep their identification cards and badges visible at all times. Badge holders can be designed using your corporate colors and logo, department name, event name, or other distinguishing labels. They are made with materials that are highly customizable.


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