Are you in the market looking for a new complete bike? Don’t know which factors should be kept supreme in your search? Confused by the large range of bike types and models? Well, if you feel that your head is nodding to any of these questions, relax as you’ve landed at the right place. By taking into accounts traits i.e. your size, your riding style, and the area where you’d travel on the bike, we are going to teach you some simple tips which would help you in choosing a bike.


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Step #1: What type of bike do you need?


To figure out what kind of bike would be right for you, our first consideration deals with the area where you’ll be riding. For example, while some bikes are suitable for solid pavements, others find their efficacy in gravel roads and rugged trails. As you might guess, there are others who would be suitable for both terrains.


Road Bike – Pavements


Talking about road bikes, they have lightweight frames, an aerodynamic posture for the rider, and small tires. Also, they have flat-positioned handlebars to provide more points of contact for the rider. Most importantly, road bikes are best suited to pavements. Since they focus more on speed, their tires provide brilliant performance on solid trails.


Mountain Bikes – Gravel Roads


As suggested by their name, mountain bikes are a perfect fit for rugged trails. Thanks to their braking systems, shock absorbing mechanism, and bigger tires, these can handle dirt trails with ease. As for their features, while comfort is neglected, they put more emphasis on efficiency and fun.


Hybrid Bikes – Moderate gravel and solid pavements If you are looking for a bike which provides equal comfort and performance in both areas, go for a hybrid bike. These bikes promulgate the in-demand features of both road and mountain bikes. For example, in the majority of hybrid bikes, you’d see a flat handlebar (a road bike feature) with a suspension fork (mountain bike feature).


Step #2: Decide what features you want


Hopefully, by now, you’ve decided on the type of bike which suits your needs. Moving one step further, make a checklist of features which you want to see on your bike. Make no mistake that the populous the list of the features you desire, the costly complete bikes will become. Below mentioned are some features which you could include in your checklist


Gears: When it comes to gears, bikes are classified as a single speed and multi-speed bikes. The former represents a bike with one gear, whereas, the later with a large number of gears. How to decide? If your area of traveling is mostly city, you’d do well even with a single-speed bike. However, if your riding area includes ascent and descent, go for a multi-speed bike.


Wheel Size: Although there are many types of wheel sizes, two of them are mostly used as a standard size: 700c and 650c. Talking about 700c wheel size, it is standard wheel size, one which you’d find on most bikes. As for the 650c, it is designed for people smaller than 5’4”. Hence, if your height falls in this category, the 650c wheel size might come handy.


Bike Suspension: Unlike the above-mentioned features – both of whom depend on your riding area, this one depends on the type of comfort which you crave. For example, if your riding area comprises of bumps, go for a full-suspension bike. However, if you don’t want to spend astronomical money – which most bike manufacturers nowadays demand full suspension forks, go for a front suspension. It would keep your front wheel smooth to let you enjoy the ride.


Brake type: Ranging from disc brakes, to rim brakes and finally including coaster brakes, there are numerous bike brakes available in the market. Disc brakes are the most expensive whereas coaster brakes are most widely used.


Frame and Handlebar shape: Talking about the frame, its MOC is mostly aluminum, or in some cases, steel. While the former is rust resistant, the latter is better when it comes to riding at high speeds as it provides stability to the rider. As for the handlebar shape, they range from drop bar, riser bar, flat bar, and BMX bar.


Step #3: Get a Perfectly Sized bike


It doesn’t matter how much effort have you poured in during your search for a new complete bike, it would go to the dustbin if the bike doesn’t fit your size. In addition to taking away from you the feel good factor, a wrongly sized bike could also result in back pain. Hence, size your bike wisely.


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