No matter where you live, you have probably seen an amber light bar. The color amber, often referred to as yellow, is by far the most popular warning light color on the market and on the road. While nearly anyone can use an amber light, it is important to realize that amber lighting is usually used on a slow-moving vehicle, or a vehicle that is prone to making many sudden stops. If you are shopping for amber strobe lights for your fleet vehicle, POV, warning light vehicle, or storm chasing vehicle.


Amber is a Permissive Warning Light Color


The reason the color amber is so often seen on the road is because it is the most permissive warning light color in the United States. While police and firefighters use red and blue whites, amber lights are generally used by non-emergency vehicle drivers. However, when emergency responders do use amber lighting, it is usually to the rear of the vehicle.


Amber Strobe Lights are One of The Most Popular Emergency Lights in The Field


One of the reasons amber lighting is the most popular emergency light used in the field is because it is incredibly easy to see, which means people immediately take notice when they see amber lights flashing on the road. In addition to being used as an emergency light, amber warning lights are also used in warning equipment such as construction equipment and on construction vehicles too.


First Responders and Warning Vehicle Drivers Often Use Amber Lighting


While many warning vehicles are outfitted with amber warning lights, first responder vehicles can also use amber lighting. However, when a first responder uses amber lights, it is usually in conjunction with a variety of other different warning light colors including red, blue, and white. In some states, police cruisers, fire trucks, and ambulances only used amber strobe light series if they are rear-facing.


Vehicles that only opt for amber lighting usually include construction company vehicles, public utility vehicles, and security vehicles. In most states, if a vehicle is only going to be used on private property, drivers can freely use amber warning lights without risk of punishment by law enforcement. However, it is also best to check with local authorities or formal legal sources before installing any type of warning light on a publicly or privately-owned vehicle.


Amber Warning Lights are Commonly Used by Storm Spotters


Another group of drivers that regularly use amber warning lights is storm spotters. People who chase storms often opt for amber or white lighting on their personal or company vehicles because it allows other drivers to recognize that they aren’t just casually driving in bad weather. It also helps these vehicles increase their visibility on the road and helps to create much needed light output in extremely dark weather conditions.


However, before you install storm spotting equipment on your personal vehicle, you need to make sure you are legally allowed to use amber lighting in your state. To do this, make sure to study local state statutes. Here, it should be clearly outlined who can and cannot use amber lights on the road. Furthermore, some states will require that a storm chaser has the proper licenses or certificates before installing and using this type of equipment on public roads.


Choose Strobe Lighting in a Variety of Different Applications


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