A cold saw and a band saw machine can be compared on the basis of several factors which include the shape and angle of the cut, the type and the size of materials to be cut and whether the materials need to be hot or cool. Both are used for different purposes as it includes specific features.


A cold saw is a machine used to cut metal and it includes a round blade made of iron or steel that rotates to cut the metals. Band saw machines are mainly used to cut wood although some of these saws are designed to cut metals too and include a metal ribbon which is struck on two wheels. These wheels turn the ribbon at a programmed speed to cut wood or metals.


Portability: Another important difference between these is its portable feature. While cold saws are portable and can be hand held to cut metals, band saws are mounted onto tables. It is a stationary device and the bands can be either vertical or horizontal.


Varieties: These are available in two varieties which include non-ferrous and ferrous. The non-ferrous saws are capable of higher speed, better performance and distinctive finish. The ferrous saws are basically heavy duty saws which are used in factories where includes low cutting costs. The surface finish is less fine with the use of ferrous saws as compared to non-ferrous saws.


Cutting Material: Cold saw is mainly used to cut only metals whereas band saw machines are used to cut wood. Unlike any other saws, the ferrous and non-ferrous have developed technologically over the past several years. These are designed to protect the coating of the metals.


Desired Shapes: The band saws can be used to cut materials into desired shapes as it can be mounted on to the tables. This is quite difficult with other types of saws which are portable and hand-held. The stationary band saws can be used to cut irregular shapes quite easily as it includes both vertical and horizontal saws.


Shapes and Sizes: Band saw machines are available in a huge variety of size and shape. This offers different cutting patterns to consumers. In addition to wood, band saws can be used to cut metals and stone too. The blades of these saws are susceptible to damages if it is used improperly. Moreover, the life span of these blades is short compared to the other types of saws used for cutting metals and wood.


Cool Cutting Action: With the use of cold saws, the metal and the blade remains cool during the cutting process. This ensures that the metals, which are being cut, remain intact. It seldom loses its shine and shape.


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