If you’re looking to buy the best folding saw, you should first stop to consider exactly what you want to use it for.


There’s a wide range of very good folding saws available, from pruning saws, to Laplander and general survival folding saws that are great for camping and bushcraft. But, in this article, we only talk about how to choose pruning saws.


A Close Look at the Foldable Pruning Saw


As a keen gardener, your pruning saw will be an integral part of your tool kit. The fact you have found this page means you on the lookout for something a little more compact than a fixed blade pruning saw.


The safety and convenience of a folding hand saw is a big plus. It can be tucked neatly against the body when not in use, and the sharp edges are kept away from other surfaces such as your flesh or the skin and bark of the plants and tree.


Using a Folding Pruning Saw


Your pruning saw will generally be used to cut through branches from between 1/2 inch wide up to about 5 inches. Anything larger and you will want a chainsaw to do the work for you.


The great convenience of the folding pruning saw is the fact you are able to get into tight working areas with relative ease. When working within the matrix of a tree or shrub you will be able to saw in narrow gaps to remove a branch without damaging the others around it.


Blade Type and Material


When buying a folding pruning saw, it is important to think of the types of branches you aim to be cutting. The saws are designed with either a curved or a straight blade, and the common consensus is that curved blades are better for smaller branches while straight blades make easier work of thicker branches.


User Comfort and the Handle


The type of work you will be doing means it is important to consider user comfort. This generally comes from buying a tool that is well-balanced and has a superior designed handle that is easy to grip.


It is important to consider the size of your hand in accordance with the size of the saw. When buying online, where you will not necessarily have had the chance to hold the saw for yourself, search around for user opinion. Previous buyers will often comment if a saw is uncomfortable to use.


Lefty or Righty


The problem of left-handedness is common when it comes to garden hand tools. Folding saws can be susceptible to this due to the fact many will have an operable lock. Depending on the design, the operation of this may be inconvenient for left-handed uses. A control fitted on the top of the saw is generally the best option as this should be convenient for all operators.


You should also consider the fact that you may be wearing garden gloves when using the folding saw. Comfort and overall grip may be impaired as a result, although thin rubber gloves can mitigate any issues.


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