Lathe machines aid in turning. In turning, you remove material from your area of interest. The process usually used in plastic, wood, and metal parts. To achieve ideal results you should use the right lathe machines. Here are some of the main types of lathe machines:


Types of Lathe Machines


Engine lathes: they are the most common and they are used in different types of materials. Their main parts are: tailstock, headstock and bed. To accommodate a wide scope of work, the lathes came with a feature that allows you to easily adjust their speed. They also come in different sizes to be used in a wide range of applications.


Wood lathe: this is the simplest lathe machine that you will come across. As its name suggests, it’s designed for turning wood. Its main parts are: headstock, bed, tailstock, and tool rest. You need to note that you need special skills in order to accurately turn smooth curves.


Turret lathes: they are used for applying different types of operations on single work pieces. In addition to ensuring that you have excellent turns, they also ensure that you are able to work very fast as you don’t waste time removing and transferring the work piece to another machine.


Toolroom lathe: it’s a type of engine lathe that is designed for high precision work. The machine is usually used in tool and dies shops where custom parts and precision fixtures are produced.


Since it’s produced with special attention to smooth operation, spindle accuracy and precise alignment, the lathe is able to achieve better accuracy and precision than the standard lathe.


CNC lathe: its computer controlled and comes with a number of advantages such as powered axis drives, high speed repeatability, and feedback control. To use the lathe you only need to set it. The cool thing with it is that you don’t need special tools to achieve excellently curved contours.


Special duty lathes: they are used for special purposes such as heavy-duty production of identical parts. In most cases, the lathes are used to perform functions that can’t be performed by standard lathes. There are many types of these lathes with the common ones being: automatic, crankshaft, multispindle, brakedrum, and jeweler’s lathes.




These are some of the most common types of lathe machines. Before you make the purchase, you should always do your research and find the best machine for your material.


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