Bicycle enthusiasts know what it’s like to travel at night. The risks of a mishap occurring is much higher than when traveling in day time. Of course very early on, we have come to rely on LED bicycle lights for lighting our way and warn other commuters of your presence on the road.


Why LED?


Brightness – Ever since light bulbs were created, they have continued to evolve. When halogen bulbs came around we were duly impressed by their brilliance and everything that said “Halogen” was considered high-end. More brightness came when LEDs gained notoriety. Compared to the old halogen bulbs, LEDs provided at least 10 times MORE candlepower. Not only that but they are also winners in conserving energy and durability as I will explain further on.


Energy saving – The conventional flashlight bulb or halogen bike bulbs that we were so impressed with before would give out about six to 10 hours, depending on usage, of light. However, the energy needed by LEDs to provide light while cycling is much less than that. In fact, they lasted close to 100 hours. This comparison is made by using four double A batteries for both types of light source. The halogens had a combined output of 300 candlepower whereas the LED had an output of 1,500 candlepower!


Replacements – Do you still remember how we were so used to changing flashlight batteries practically on a daily basis? And if that give us light, we also know what the other problem is too, right? You would have to replace either your battery set or pack or perhaps your light bulb. Compounding that problem is the availability of the bulb, or spares batteries for that matter. You would have to stock up on both just to ensure you will have consistent lighting on your bike. With LEDs, all those problems are a thing of the past. Since they use much less energy, they last a lot longer and they never burn themselves out even as the power fluctuates when the batteries are near empty.


Now how does all this information relate to a cyclist?


Confidence – With so much illumination and time before it dies off due to power drain, you’d never have to worry about your lights. In all likelihood, you would have no more energy to go on and your bike’s light would still continue to shine way ahead of you.


Safety – Now that you’re confident about your lights, you will have more time to focus on what’s really important – getting from one point to another safely. Furthermore, because of the bright luminescence, you will be always visible even from afar by either oncoming or following vehicles that share the same road with you.


Fun – I guess that is what it all boils down to, right? Your well-deserved trust in the capacity of your LED lights eliminates all other worries that you can actually enjoy the ride itself. You know that even with the brightest moonlight lighting your way, your LED bicycle light still outshines it.


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