Office desk chairs should be more than functional and cost-effective. When sitting at a desk for hours at a time, the individual should not have to suffer from aches and pains due to stress placed on the joints or spine. With the proper seating, the concerns of sore muscles and joints can be eliminated. When it comes to personal comfort, choosing the right material can make a difference as well. With so many options for office chairs, how does one make the best selection? It’s a good idea to begin by asking the following three relevant questions.


  1. How Important Is Ergonomics and What Features Should Be Considered?


Proper ergonomics in the workplace, either at home or in a remote office location, should play a pivotal role when choosing furniture. Office desk chairs that are ergonomically designed are made to relieve stress on the spine and joints. This type of furniture is especially beneficial for workers who suffer from back pain, arthritis, or other painful conditions.


Lumbar support is a feature that should be considered. This helps keep the spine in proper alignment. Another important ergonomic feature is a reclining seat, which helps eliminate spinal pressure and stress. It’s a good idea to try it out before buying. Note whether the backrest supports the head while in the reclining position. This will help reduce strain on the shoulders and neck.


Ergonomic chairs also have armrests to eliminate strain on the arms and wrists, as well as an adjustable height that keeps feet positioned on the floor. The height should optimally be anywhere from about 16-21 inches from the seat to the floor.


  1. Which Material Is the Right Choice?


While the material one chooses is generally a matter of personal preference, it helps to consider the advantages of one fabric or material over another. Materials for office desk chair are most commonly done in leather (often seen in executive type seating), fabric, and vinyl.


While genuine leather is the most expensive of the three and may require periodic conditioning, it is made to last a lifetime. It is also more stain-resistant than some fabrics. Conversely, fabric materials are typically more affordable and often come in colors or patterns to complement the existing decor. When incorporated with mesh, it tends to be “breathable,” thus helping to keep the user cool and comfortable. It’s a good idea to have the fabric treated with a stain protection application. Lastly, vinyl or “faux leather” material is durable and made to resemble genuine leather at a fraction of the cost. Unlike leather, it will not require conditioning, and it may retain body heat as it is not very breathable.


  1. What Type of Casters Will Work Best?


To choose a chair with the most appropriate caster wheels, consider the type of floor it will be used on. For hardwood, tile, linoleum, or cement floors, rubberized or soft-wheeled casters will work best. For carpeted floors, hard casters are the best choice.


As a final thought, whenever possible, it’s a good idea to test a chair in the store or showroom before purchasing it. A display model on the floor should be available to try out.


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