EDM machine or simply EDM is an abbreviation for electrical discharge machining. This is a machine that uses electrical discharges to shape or develop a metal which is impossible to do using traditional techniques. It uses electrical discharges on pieces of metal that are electrically conductive to be able to create different kinds of intricate shapes with metals. Usually, shapes that are difficult to create with a grinder, a cutting tool or an end mill are developed using EDM machines.


There are many uses of an EDM machine, here are some of them:


  • EDM machines like wire EDM machines are great in creating complex shapes which are impossible to make using traditional cutting tools. You will be able to make precise metal components in the most efficient and practical way compared to shaping, cutting and sanding metals, which could take forever to do.


  • Extremely hard metals may be easily cut. Metals that may be easily cut are hast-alloy, tool-steel, hardened steel, titanium, carbide and many more. Hard metals are not just tough, but are also very expensive compared to their soft counterparts. With an EDM you will never have to deal with material wastage and problems with precision cuts since you are using efficient and precise cutting and shaping instruments.


  • From the largest tool parts, EDM machines will be able to create the smallest components of machines, engines and electronic parts. Delicate steel and metal parts are usually very hard to manufacture and could be sensitive or weak when conventional tools are used. EDM’s will create these parts with extreme precision and without any type of distortion that could affect the function of a particular component or part.


  • With the EDM method, there is no contact from the machine to the material or piece of metal that is being treated. Therefore there is no distortion or mistakes that may occur from a tool making contact with the material or metal. These qualities are very important especially when the industry demands extreme precision like making components for electronic gadgets, machines and precision equipment.


  • Compared to cutting, shaping and developing components using standard methods, EDM machines will create a smooth finish on the metal. This is ideal for precision and high quality machine, tool and equipment parts.


  • If you are creating components that have very small and precise holes then, you will absolutely need an EDM machine since it is impossible to drill minute holes on metals and very hard metals with traditional tools and techniques.


There are specialized EDM machines that will work for the industry or business that you are in. Be sure to check out online sources and online machine and equipment sales sites for the ideal electrical discharge machine that will work for your business.


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