Chip antennas are a particular type of antenna valued for their small footprint. They are most commonly integrated in circuit boards to radiate high frequency electromagnetic waves. They have a limited range, making them optimal for small devices such as cell phones and Wi-Fi routers.


Chip antennas radiate and receive electromagnetic waves as do regular antenna, but their most notable difference is their small size. This means they can often be internalized within small electronic devices; they are also inexpensive considering their quality. Chip antennas are the best alternative when a larger-sized antenna is impractical.


One means of creating an antenna which can be integrated into a PCB would be the use of fractal geometry. A fractal is a complex pattern constructed from the repetition of a simple shape which maximizes the length or increases the perimeter of the material that radiates an electromagnetic signal. These antennas must be in proportion to the signal wavelength, and the fractal must retain at least two different ratios of the pattern. These antennas can be customized into a variety of footprints and are becoming increasingly common in mobile electronics. Overall, the gain and bandwidth of fractal antennas is exceptional. Fractal antenna designs do not require any additional components to work, which further enables their flexibility.


Applications of chip antenna are utilized across a breadth of telecommunications products. This includes: PC peripherals, cell phones, PDAs, tablet computers, portable televisions, satellite radio, headsets, USB dongles, GPS devices, and Wi-Fi and WLAN routers.


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