A gear motor is a unit that comprises an electric motor and a reduction gear. Typically, these would be available in planetary, planetary-lantern and wave transmissions. As there is a growing demand for compact units these days, many manufacturers now prefer to mount the driving gear of the reduction gear directly on top of the motor shaft. A DC gear motor finds wide-ranging applications across different industries. They are often a part of several industrial and consumer products.

These devices need to be manufactured by specialized enterprises to ensure that they are truly efficient and reliable. Depending on where you need to use these motor gears, you can use an appropriate lubrication system to operate the motor gears in tilted, horizontal or vertical positions. So, essentially, a DC gear motor is also described as “normal DC motors that have been geared down to decrease their speed and increase their torque.” The best part is that these gears are also very easy to reverse. And if need be, you can also alter or change the speed of these motors.

Following are some of the other features that you can expect in a DC gear motor:

  • They are available in different gear ratios such as 18:1, 28:1 and 58:1.
    • While most of them are usually employed for indoor use, there are several varieties that are also suitable for outdoor use.
    • There are many manufacturers that offer such motors with lifetime lubrication.
    • They are also available in Restriction of Hazardous Substances compliant versions if so required.
    • In addition, you can mount these in different positions as they are available with different mounting options.
    • There are certain models that are available for RV slide out systems. They can also be used for several different applications.
    • Another important aspect is the casing of these DC gear motors. It is important to make sure that the casing is made of sturdy and durable materials such as aluminum that last a lifetime.
    • When it comes to the gears, you can choose between metal and plastic gears. The ones with plastic gears are slightly cheaper as compared to their counterparts.

While most reputable manufacturers will offer you a wide range of standard DC gear box, you also have the option of choosing customized gear motors that meet exacting specifications. These customized motors can have size, torque, power and mounting options that are made especially to suit your unique requirements. It is prudent to look for manufacturers that give you a genuine guarantee/warranty on their products. Variations in DC Gear Motors can easily be accommodated by such firms to ensure that your special needs are met.

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