Badge holders are usually made of plastic and are used to hold as well as protect your paper name badge. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes with different attachment options. It is very important to design your custom id badge keeping in mind the size of the badge holder you have. When buying a badge holder you should always consider whether you need it separately or with a complete kit. Badge holders with complete kit include the attachment device and blank name badges. They infect include everything you need but it gets a bit hard to compose your name on them using the word processor if you don’t have a template already designed for them.

The attachment options basically have four main categories. These are lanyards, pins, stickers and clips. Normally your choice would to be based on the period you would use the badge for, the availability of the options and your budget. The best feature of the badge holders is that they can e reusable. You can replace the badge from event to event provided that all of them fit into the holder you have. This would definitely saves you money and you also would not require to create the name plates every now and then as you will have a template saved for the size of you holder.

The custom id badges are the ones used for a variety of reasons. The general use is for the security purposes in your office, the identification of your employees and can also be used as the entry card for visitors. When designing the custom id badges for an office you would always want to punch in the employee name, job title, department and company logo and in some cases the photo as well. Mostly with these kinds of badges the holder are attached with neck lanyards or clips in a way that they are primarily visible.

Custom ID badge holders also offer an easy and inexpensive way to promote your company image. Their variety in styles is l capable to suit anyone’s requirements as for identification of the trade and the employee identification in the office. They are also used as to display the company information and the color theme of the company. It is widely noticed that the badge holders and the lanyards exhibit the colors of the company logo, which not only make them look good with the badge but also reflect the company colors.

Some companies assign different colors for visitors and employee. Besides that the lanyards could also differ in color in regards to the position the employee stands in the hierarchy. Besides the shapes and styles that these holders offer, their feature and materials they are made of also vary. Numerous companies all over the world use different badge holders. A few of the most loved ones are vinyl plastic holders, Proximity Card, rigid badge holders and magnetic ones. They come in both vertical and horizontal shapes offering the user to more options of designing the badge. They can be seen attached to an employee frond pocket, hanging in the neck, and in security services they are mostly seen attached to the arm using an armband.

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