Surgical tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, designed to hold a dressing or bandage to a wound.

There are many different types of surgical tapes, made of different materials, some treated with various medicines and ointments. Among the materials used to construct surgical tape are medical grade paper, cloth, foam, and nylon.

Well made surgical tape is breathable, because it is important to wound healing that air is allowed to circulate around the wound. When air cannot circulate around a wound, infection can develop and healing time is slowed. Therefore, medical tape is best designed with breathability and air circulation in mind.

It should be hypo-allergenic, ensuring that it can be used on anyone without causing allergic reactions. Some surgical tapes are latex-free, designed specifically for people who suffer from latex allergies.

It also comes in a variety of widths and sizes, so it can be used on wounds or incisions of any size.

The adhesive should be easy to remove so that, when the time comes to remove it, the medical tape can be peeled away gently and non-traumatically without damaging sensitive skin underneath. It is often treated with zinc oxide, which has been proven to speed wound healing.

It’s most common use is holding a dressing or bandage to a wound, but it also can be used to hold a gaping wound closed while surgeons stitch the wound shut.

Some surgical tapes are also used in place of sutures, although this is a newer use and most surgeons still use it in the more traditional fashion. This use has been scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of superficial skin infections, when tapes that are specifically designed for this purpose are used in the appropriate cases.

Because medical tape is easy to cut, it is ideal for wounds in locations like fingers or elbows or any other area where the tape must be custom-trimmed to fit a specific wound size or awkward location. It can also be trimmed to fit wounds of all sizes and shapes, anywhere on the body.

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