About Tenluxe

Founded in 1968, Tenluxe specializes in the research and development of ink cleaner products for textile materials. Its ink cleaner product offerings include cleaning gun, trichloroethane naphtha, inkcleaner, tenluxe inkcleaners, puff ink cleaner, snaxin ink cleaner, tag pin gun and lubricant for high speed knitting machine. The development of cleaning additives, including TENNOR AF202, BESCON and Tensoft, took the textile industry into the mechanized era and made the scrubbing of knitted sweaters produced for export by hand a thing of past.

Tenluxe inkcleaners are the most widely used in textile and dyeing factories, textile inspection plants, clothing and knitting factories, footwear manufacturers, curtains and sofas, wallpapers, screen printing industry and more. Tenluxe ink cleaner supply has obtained diverse certifications, welcome to contact them for more inkcleaner supply specifications.

Our products became extremely popular because they helped to increase efficiency of the textile industries many-fold. In 1969 we purchased sophisticated West German and Japanese machinery that were ultimately used to produce Taiwan’s first aluminum electric cleaning spray gun. Named the Tenluxe textile cleaning spray gun, this was granted the new utility model patent No. 6111.

Main Products:

-Textile Cleaning Gun-

Tenluxe Textile Cleaning Gun Type A, Type A-102
Type A, Type A-102 Textile Cleaning Gun
Most of the machine oil stains and dust on textile materials can be easily cleaned with the Tenluxe textile cleaning gun. Aluminium alloy structured type A is especilly designed for textile factories with large work-loads strong spray, with a minimum of cleaning solvent exhaustion.

Tenluxe Textile Cleaning Gun B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4
B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4 Textile Cleaning Gun
Light-weight electric cleaning gun B-1 involves a totally different style of design. A stream-line Nylon outer shall, strong sprays with economic solvent exhaustion, and comfortable hand-hold are its specialties. Most suitable for textile manufactories and laundries with medium and light work-loads.

Trichloroethane is the currently one of the most utilise nonflammable cleaning solvent with the quickest cleaning speed, popularly used for textile cleaning gun. Naphtha is mainly used on dyed material which are unstable, compare to trlchloroethane it has slightly less cleaning strength and is flammable.

Tenluxe Inkcleaner
Tenluxe InkcleanerTenluxe Ink Cleaner
Some stains, even with strong sprays of Trichloroethane and Naphtha, can not be cleared totally and will only have a bad effect on the best materials, such as silk and fine-knite clothes. The multi-purpose inkcleaner® is the textile cleaning gun’s main complement. Apply onto less-easily removed stains, such as ball-pen, Lipstick, Oil base ink, animal, vegetable, mineral oils or mud stains, then spray with cleaning gun or rinse with water.

Tenluxe Puff
Tenluxe Puff Ink Cleaner
For removal of sewing machine oil and water stains from textile, silk etc. Spray from 10cm above the stained area. When dry, wipe clear the powder with dry towel, soft brush or vacuum.

Tenluxe Snaxin 101, 202, 303, 404
Tenluxe Snaxin Ink Cleaner 101, 202, 303, 404
Snaxin 101 Decompose stains on textile materials such as yellow stains, blood, sweet stains (juice, coffee or tea spills), caused of vegetable, animal oil, urine or sauces etc. Snaxin 202 decomposes rust stains on texttile materials Snaxin 303 decompose animal, vegetable, and lubricant stains.

Tenluxe Tag Pin Gun Tag Pins & Needle
Tenluxe Tag Pin Gun Tag Pins & Needle
Tenluxe Tag Pin Gun is designed with simplified internal parts, is easy to maintain.

Lubricant for High Speed Knitting Machine
Lubricant for High Speed Knitting Machine
Specially for high-speed circular knitting machine lubricant, volatile and contains cleaning detergent easily infiltrates the interior of the needle bed and forms a protective layer, reducing friction between needle and it’s bed, prolonging its life.