Extrusion Machine Manufacturer

Jumbo Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 1986, is the major manufacturer specializing in PP straw making machine, straw bending machine, straw packing machine, tetra-pack straw packing machine, PP & PET strapping band making machine, PVC heat shrinkable film making machine and extrusion machine.


PVC Shrink Film Machine

Jumbo has more than 25 years experiences provided PVC shrink film machine, and also having good reputation with high quality and high efficiency products and the best services. Furthermore, we have strong R&D team to keep improving our heat shrinkable film making machines to meet the highest standard of our clients.


PVC Shrink Film Machine Series:

PVC Heat Shrinkable Film Making Machine

PVC Heat Shrinkable Film Production Equipment

PVC Shrinkable file offer many excellent benefits, such as glossiness, high transparency, durability, water resistance and easy control of shrinkage. They have been applied to a wide variety of product packaging, such as foodstuff, beverage bottles, sporting goods, etc.

In addition to supplying the most dependable machinery, we also place emphasis on the technological support and complete production upgrades. This allows our customers to start up or resume production very quickly.
Jumbo Steel has a proven tradition of pursuing excellence and improving the PVC Shrinkable Film industry, and it will continue to develop its engineering capabilities and raise industry standards.


Straw Machine

Established in 1986, Jumbo is the largest and most advanced manufacturer specializing in the development and manufacture of PP straw making machine. Over the past 25 years, Jumbo has sought for ever greater perfection, emphasized customer service and provided customers the most competitive straw making machines and the service of the most superior quality and fair price.

Straw Making Machine Series:

JS 285S / 3V

JS 284S / 3V

  • The gears are precision ground and hardened to ensure smooth and quiet operation. The high precision bearings provide and extremely smooth and long lasting running performance.
  • The screw, manufactured from Aluminum Chromolybdenum alloy steel(SACMI), is stress relieved, precision ground and nitride treated for a long service life.
  • The barrel, manufactured from Aluminum Chromolybdenum alloy steel(SACMI), is stress relieved precision ground and nitride treated for a long service life.
  • The stainless steel (S410) die undergoes nitride hardening treatment for a long service life.
  • Variable straw length, 100mm-300mm, can be easily adjusted when the machine is running.
  • The belt type take-up unit ensures and even stabilizing speed and prevents straw slippage during take-up operations.