1.Composite Materials of Taiwan Electric Insulator

==Aramid Fabric==
The aramid fabric features flame resistance, outstanding shock  absorption, and superb engineering benefits to all manners of manufacturing and design in the composite industry. To go with the ever-changing requirements, Taiwan Electric Insulator is dedicated to development and innovation of aramid fabric to meet the highest level of customers’ satisfactions.

Aramid Fiber Fabric
Aramid Fiber Fabrics
TEI’s Aramid (Twaron) Fabrics are constructed to the highest specs and quality available for this versatile fiber. Aramid Fabrics are extremely flame resistant, and exhibit outstanding shock absorption properties, providing superb engineering benefits to all manners of manufacturing and design in the composite industry.

Ballistic Aramid Fabric
Ballistic Aramid Fabric
TEI is very proud to introduce it’s very own bulletproof Aramid based fabric, with the highest tensile load absorption rate of any competing product (for example fewer layers are needed compared to similar products, in for example bulletproof vests) TEI’s bulletproof Aramid fabric is thermally stable, and is available in both fabric for protective clothing and for composite work.

Colored Aramid Fabric
Colored Aramid Fabric
Previously, Aramid fiber was just available in the usual yellow, or yellow/black carbon mix. To push the envelope of development, and provide choice for end users and designers, TEI has worked very hard to develop and created Aramid fabric in a myriad of incredible colors and combinations.

==About Taiwan Electric Insulator==
Established in 1978,Taiwan Electric Insulator Co. Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer of composite fabrics and composite materials, with the technology, knowledge and ability to produce the highest grade composite material to specific customers needs and requirements.

TEI has a vast range of specific composite materials for your needs, from electroplated glass-fiber, the latest bulletproof aramid fabrics to high spec carbon fiber and carbon modulus. Our vision is to keep developing new and innovative fabrics, keeping pace with the fast changes in composite development and design. Evolution and technical advancements are key to this industry, and we look forward to helping you accomplish your individual dream.


==Main Products: Carbon Fiber Fabric/Aramid Fabric/Fiberglass Fabrics/Hybrid Fabrics==


2.Garment Fabrics of DerWei

==Garment Fabrics==
Garment Fabrics Series including lining garment fabric, stretch fabrics and mesh garment fabric. Most of our lining and mesh garment fabrics are made of 100% polyester, as for the stretch fabrics are made with different mix-material to vary elasticity. DerWei Garment Fabrics Series can be widely utilized in clothing to meet the clients’ highest standard of comfortable demands.

==About DerWei==
DerWei mesh fabric manufacturer established in 1998, we specialized in medical fabrics, shoe mesh, bag fabrics, garment fabrics, baby car mesh, hat net, air mesh, velcro fabrics, stretch fabrics, knitted fabrics, lamination products with Neoprene, EVA,TPU and various functional fabrics development, which are certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and the blue sign. We also supply materials for well-known brands such as Vaude, Kappa, Jansport, Samsonite,Tumi, Swiss Army, GE, Atunas. We continued research and innovation to provide customer with the best quality and services.

==Main Products: Medical Fabrics/Garment Fabrics/Shoe, Bag, Hat& Baby Cart Mesh==