About Man Kung

Established in 1988, the Man Kung Company is dedicated to the design and manufacture of a wide range of crossbows, knives and related products. Man Kung is specialized in crossbow, archery bow, toy archery, slingshot, blowgun, baton, and other bow accessories. We have always been dedicated to the research and development of new products to meet current market demands.

As a professional archery manufacturer and crossbow manufacturer, Man Kung’s outstanding quality has won us a high reputation from both domestic and international customers. Man Kung’s permanent makeup supply has obtained diverse certifications.

In addition, we have a strong commitment for providing customers with the most competitive prices and fast delivery. These have established Man Kung as a dependable brand name in both domestic and foreign markets.


Main Products:

Crossbow MK-300RCCrossbow MK-380

Crossbow MK-300ACCrossbow MK-80A3


—Archery Bow—
Archery Bow MK-CB75BArchery Bow MK-CB009AC

Archery Bow MK-CB008Archery Bow MK-RB007B


Crossbow Accessory MK-AL16-BKCrossbow Accessory MK-AL

Crossbow Accessory MK-4x32Crossbow Accessory MK-3BAL


Slingshot MK-SL06/OSlingshot MK-T11Slingshot MK-SL06/BL


Baton MK-NS-16FBaton MK-LCH-602