Brushless DC Motor

Rebeck Enterprise was founded in late 1991 as manufacturer of brushless DC motors. We are an ISO 9001 certified organization which implements strict quality control on every stage of production. The factory is equipped with modern facilities that enables us to develop and manufacture brushless DC motor to the latest market demands. We are always in position of providing OEM solution at request of our customers except our current line of products. If we have to select two words as our slogan, responsibility and honesty are always our main concern. Guarantee in quality brushless DC electric motor products and service by taking 100% responsibility in discrepancy of delivery. Neither to sacrifice quality nor profit in obtaining order. Not to accept any order with urgent delivery time beyond our control of quality.


Brushless DC Motor Series

< Brushless DC Motor with Resolver>

Brushless DC Motor with Resolver


< Brushless DC Motor and Driver>

DC Brushless Motor and Driver


< BLDC Motor with DC Driver>

BLDC Motors With DC Driver


< BLDC Motors with AC Driver>

BLDC Motor With AC Driver


< BLDC Gear Motors>

BLDC Gear Motor


< BL-60 Series>

BL-60 Series of Brushless DC Motor


The Brushless DC Motor is applied to packing, medical apparatus, automation equipment and ventilation equipment. It is a synchronous electric motor which is powered by direct current electricity and which has an electronically controlled commutation system, instead of a mechanical commutation system based on brushes. In such motors, current and torque, voltage and rpm are linearly related.The motor features long life time, high efficiency, low noise, low consumption, variable speed, and many more. Send your inquiry today to


Electric Motor Manufacturer – Rebeck

Rebeck Enterprise was founded in 1991 as professional electric motor manufacturer in Taiwan. The electric motors which are widely used in industry of refrigeration, automation, medical apparatus and navigation. The products include asynchronous motorbrushless DC motorsPM synchronous motor,stepper motorsAC compressor and more.

The company was incorporated with guiding principle of developing and manufacturing superior electric motor products to improve customer’s profitability. The plant is equipped with comprehensive, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities which facilitates the production of electric motors. With a team of dedicated engineers, Rebeck is successfully maintaining its leading position in the motor industry through regular research and development on the latest market demands. Providing value-added products and services is the foundation of business and Rebeck has become one of the reliable name as electric motor manufacturer.